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I live in Burlington, VT, where I run Cinema Casualties, a film series dedicated to trashy old-school horror movies. I write and have written for a number of music and film magazines for the past 15 years. Oh and I also work a semi-boring management job, since all the awesome things I listed previously don't actually pay my bills. If you are reading any of my work here then there's a really good chance you're heavily into "posts" like post-rock, post-punk, post-hardcore, you get the idea. Hope you enjoy the reviews, and thanks for reading!

Articles by David Zeidler

Emma Ruth Rundle – Marked For Death

With Marked For Death, Emma Ruth Rundle has composed a complex piece of work that rocks, soothes, haunts, saddens and uplifts. If this is truly the closing chapter of one book prior to the opening of another, then it is a climax that no one will soon forget. One of 2016’s finest releases. By David Zeidler

Interview: Nick Hasko from The Most

Growing up in Connecticut during the ‘90s, I was witness to a rock-solid local music scene, albeit one with a decided lack of variance in terms of style. Fast forward to the present day. After several quiet years some exciting bands are beginning to emerge from Connecticut once again, but in a colorful bloom of styles. One of those bands is The Most. David Zeidler spoke to multi-instrumentalist and vocalist Nick Hasko about the scene and more.

Milemarker – Overseas

One of the most satisfying post-punk releases of the year to date. More importantly, it is a record that suggests a promising new beginning rather than simply an attempt to give old fans one more go-round. Nostalgia be damned, Overseas exists for 2016 and beyond, and vibrantly so. By David Zeidler

Helices – Propulsor

Propulsor showcases Helices’ skillful navigation of a potentially-treacherous high-wire act in which they strive for both technical acrobatics and joyous uplift. This record that should create an acutely-heightened level of excitement for what Helices has in store for the future. By David Zeidler

Exclusive Track Premiere:
We Deserve This – Subliminal

Subliminal (Single) by We Deserve This

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