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Half Formed Things – To Live in the Flicker

It’s really difficult to describe Half Formed Things’ music. It’s beautiful, heartfelt, bombastic, deceptively complex, carefully orchestrated yet still subtly chaotic.

MONO • Emma Ruth Rundle – Bohemian National Cemetery, Chicago

After the final waves of feedback and noise faded away I felt as I had just witnessed something incredible special; and even though I know they have put in hundreds of performances, the setting made this one almost transcendent.

Beak> – >>> review

The world needs more weird stuff that is not only perplexing but also easy to like and actually fun to listen to.

Interview with Jaye Jayle

Interview with Jaye Jayle

Mogwai with Xander Harris

I’ve seen Mogwai many, many times and it seems like they get more confident every time. The set list was just as far reaching and diverse as their recorded catalog. Hearing old favorites up against newer material and having it all come across so perfectly is a real treat for long time fans of the band.

Half Formed Things – Half Formed Things

All in all this is an excellent debut EP and I can’t wait to see how this relatively young band develops. – By Michael B. Hayden

Minor Victories – Minor Victories

If the four core members can bust out an album of this quality without even being in the same room most of the time, I imagine they’ll be a force to be reckoned with after some live dates and their relationships develop more. I hope they are successful enough in this endeavor to carry on. For me, this album will likely go down as one the high points of my year. It’s just the right album at the right time and I’m thankful for that. By Michael Hayden

Crippled Black Phoenix – New Dark Age

New Dark Age feels like it may be functioning as both a place holder between full length albums and a statement of future musical intentions, especially with the title track. With two solid original compositions and the Floyd tribute that they’ve been building towards satisfyingly delivered it seems like Crippled Black Phoenix is at a transition point and if their track record is any indication wherever they go next it will be first rate. – By Michael B. Hayden

Zombi – Shape Shift

‘Shape Shift’ may not be their boldest or even their best album, but it is a solid statement of intent as they gear up to begin touring again. Long time fans will find much to love on here and it also serves as an excellent primer for the many new fans they deserve to get. – By Michael B. Hayden

Locrian – Infinite Dissolution

While many fans may lament the more the structured and less droney approach of the album I think this album is the next natural progression for Locrian. It’s not only one of this years best metal releases but one of the best pieces of music in general. – By Michael B. Hayden

Giant Squid – Minoans

I hesitate to say that Giant Squid have created their masterpiece because I think (hope) we’ll get many more fantastic albums from this band. What they have delivered is their best, most majestic and beautiful album to date. – By Michael B. Hayden

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