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Guillermo Pizarro – Harmonic Poems

I would highly suggest putting on your headphones, cutting out all of the lights, and listening to this album from start to finish. If you follow these instructions, you are in for one hell of a ride.

Vattnet – Vattnet

It was a great move for Vattnet to leave the post-black metal scene, and try something completely new. They have succeeded by a long shot with their first album as just Vattnet.

RANGES – The Ascensionist

The Ascensionist is RANGES making their way further to the top and not letting anything get in their way. Everything that they created on this album reminds me of King Midas. The Ascensionist is pure gold.

Microscopists – Ghost Payload

Ghost Payload isn’t your typical post-industrial/post-rock album either. Microscopists have created a refreshing, unique, and innovative debut and it easily shows through these nine tracks that Fencott and Edwards are masters of their craft.

thisquietarmy – Metamorphose & Democracy Of Dust (Double Review)

Overall two of the most unique and innovative albums to ever be composed by thisquietarmy.

Evolv – Be Here Now (Review & Interview)

It is like a medicine for me, the more people that listen to it, I think the more healed our world will be.

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