Annie Rew Shaw


Annie Rew Shaw is a musician, songwriter and gig-lover from Devon, now living in North London.

Articles by Annie Rew Shaw

Peacock Affect – The Rainbow EP

Allows the introvert to breathe a sigh of relief, safe in the knowledge that although we may all be lonely, we are not alone. By Annie Rew Shaw

Gemma Ray – The Exodus Suite

A bold album; a record that is challenging both in its intention and portrayal. by Annie Rew Shaw

Echoes of the Future: Peacock Affect

Peacock Affect’s music has the ability to instantly transport you to a melancholic, yet peaceful state of mind. By Annie Rew Shaw

Louis Barabbas – Gentle Songs of Ceaseless Horror

Louis says the songs were written alongside his usual output for band The Bedlam Six and that for “every erratic foot-stomper” there was a “slightly malformed wordy afterbirth”. He’s being modest – Gentle Songs of Ceaseless Horror is it’s own creature. It may not be snarling, but it’s got one hell of a character. By Annie Rew Shaw

Carton Tanton – Jettison the Valley

A beautiful concoction of whimsical, acoustic songs, haunting voices and arrangements that echo and reverberate long after the journey has ended. By Annie Rew Shaw

Oakes & Smith – Between the Earth and Sky EP

With their excellent musicianship and soulful songs, there is certainly more to come from this duo. By Annie Rew Shaw

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