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I am a lifelong fan of music, and started delving into more unusual forms in my teens. Though the classics (Beatles, Stones) have always informed my tastes, I built my passion for music on those early influences. First it was hard rock and metal in the 70s and early 80s, then it morphed into folk rock, punk, psychedelia, post punk, shoegaze, and dream pop. I also enjoy synth pop, classical, jazz, electronic, post rock, and ambient music. I currently host a radio show on Eardrumbuzz Radio and also contribute to this site and Big Takeover Magazine (print and web).

Articles by Elizabeth Klisiewicz

No Joy – Motherhood

Never wanting to be pigeonholed as a shoegaze outfit, White-Gluz has strived to grow stylistically and marries the usual hazy dream pop and ‘gaze with dance beats and punk-pop.

Introduction – S/T

If you enjoy charming, slightly low-fi music replete with pretty voices and memorable melodies, this is for you.

Kestrels – Dream or Don’t Dream

This is a terrific modern shoegaze album from a thoughtful artist known to sprinkle his work with literary references. Highly recommended!

Snowgoose – The Making of You

Given the assured sophistication of this group, you’d think they’d been around for decades. Combining modern production with a vintage sound.

Jules in Trouble – Dark Jewels EP (Heroic Cities Records)

This is an elegant, chill work of art that is the perfect balm for your frazzled senses in these troubled times.

XTR Human – Interior

Berlin-based XTR Human continue to evolve their somewhat dystopian, filtered sunlit sound on this latest release.

Jason Simon – A Venerable Wreck

It’s a laid back affair, replete with lazy guitar meanderings and a display of ideas first formed with Dead Meadow and inhabiting a dreamy realm that crosses genres such as Americana and cosmic psych.

The National Honor Society – To All the Glory We Never Had

During these tough times, we all need music to chill out to and put a happy spin on what could otherwise be a world of suck. Be sure to check this one out!

Shoes – Elektrafied: The Elektra Years 1979-1982 (Cherry Red Records)

If you count yourself as a fan of power pop, and don’t already have this on order, rectify that immediately.

Wooden Shjips – V

This album is such a pleasant, burbling listen as it meanders and expands through your aural senses. The songs are long and droning, and they will draw you in! Despite these plusses, it’s not easy listening. For those who prefer their psych in short, neat slices, look elsewhere. These are songs you need to spend time with, inhabiting the sonic spaces carved out by this talented group.

Thing – Thing EP

Comes off like a modern version of the 80s band, Black Sun Ensemble, and becomes enmeshed with other purveyors of loud, droning psych in my mind.

The Third Sound – All Tomorrow’s Shadows

This is not paint by numbers paisley psych, rather, it hovers at the edges of Kraut rock and has a somewhat Motorik feel in some passages.

ACTORS – It Will Come to You

Imagine The Sisters of Mercy crossed with The Cure and any other favorite post punk group, including even lesser known lights of the scene such as early Comsat Angels and you start to get an inkling of what to expect here.

Ulrika Spacek – Suggestive Listening EP

Their smooth, deceptively minimalist and vintage sound is enticing.

Echolust – Loomer

A Long Beach dark wave project that has religiously studied the 80s post punk playbook, and they mine it marvellously.

Bloody Knives – White Light Black Moon

Nightmare music for a creepy sci-fi flick, replete with insectoid synth bleats, heavy keyboard washes, and insanely fast drumming. Chilly and slick, it will slide constrictor like and annihilate you

The Soft Moon – Criminal

Dark and grungy, the perfect soundtrack to your haunted headspace.

Lowtide – Southern Mind

This Melbourne group is no run of the mill shoegaze band. In fact, they have plenty of sonic tricks up their sleeve, and offer up a delectable palette of dream pop, shoegaze, and post punk.

Echodrone – Past, Preset, and Future

Echodrone is back with a gorgeous new album, a dreamscape if ever one existed. Sonic sunlight streams through the cracks in your consciousness and peels back the dark edges as this song suite unfurls. This is joyful and even triumphant music, not something that will drag you deep into the gloom.

Dead Leaf Echo – Beyond Desire

This is an album that will appeal to existing DLE fans and may draw in new listeners who know about the band but may not have checked them out in the past.

Co-Pilgrim – Moon Lagoon

It morphs into swirling dream pop with warm rushes of organ and pretty harmonies. It’s got a very late 60s, early 70s feel to it, one that is welcome when all the radio ever plays is bombastic hard rock of the worst sort.

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