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I’m Jody, Manchester based Somerset ex-pat. Decided early on that I was a much better scientist than I was a musician. Still play guitar, mandolin and the odd bit of bass when required, if only as a hobby now.First live gig was Pink Floyd in 1994 and have seen many and varied bands since, everywhere from stadiums, cathedrals and even someone’s sofa and everything from metal bands to a string quartet.A wise man once said to me “There are only two types of music, stuff you like and stuff you don’t.”

Articles by Jody Dunstan

Luke, Joe, Nic and Paddy from Pijn

Jody Dunstan caught up with Luke, Joe, Nic and Paddy from Pijn prior to their stunning set at ArcTanGent 2017.

ArcTanGent Festival 2017

It’s somewhat difficult to sum up three days packed with music, of course, everyone has different highlights and what’s probably more important, new and interesting bands to explore. The only downside being that it is impossible to see everything!

The Tidal Sleep – Be Water

The Tidal Sleep are a band that is more than a some of its parts. Highly cohesive and capable of producing stunning waves of epic noise while still retaining melody and shape.

Rad Pitt – Pink

Listening through this album a few times I genuinely don’t understand why this band aren’t more well known. It’s nasty, brutish and short, full of anger and emotion.

Monolord and Pist – The Star & Garter, Manchester

I would urge anyone, either doom/sludge aficionados to anyone who likes music on the heavier edge to go and see Monolord live, a band who evidently thoroughly enjoy what they are doing, are expert musicians and fine purveyors of deep, filthy, heavy as hell doom and more fuzz than anyone could possibly want.

Rosk – Miasma

This is a standout debut from Rosk, unforgiving, brutal in places, serene and atmosphere in others. It demands attention from the listener, this attention is rewarded by being taken through a range of emotions and feelings and some interesting soundscapes.

Bossk, Ohhms and Vow – Rebellion, Manchester

The three bands all showed interesting and creative mixes of dynamics, sounds and energy. Vow, at the start of their journey, OHHMS rapidly becoming an consummate live act and Bossk, arguably at the top of their game.

Brutus – Burst

‘Burst’ is an excellent example of modern alternative rock, taking a variety of styles and blending them into something else.

Niklas “Dango” Källgren from Truckfighters

When Swedish stoner rockers Truckfighters played at The Ruby Lounge in Manchester last month Jody Dunstan caught up with guitarist Niklas “Dango” Källgren.

Dreare – Blank and Forward

‘Blank and Forward’ is dark, atmospheric, sometimes sparse, sometimes heavy, never predictable. I advise to get some headphones, lie in a darkened room and immerse yourself in it.

On Broken Wings – Disintegrator

Heavy music has had a great few years with several ‘comeback’ albums, this one, unfortunately doesn’t hit the mark for me. – By Jody Dunstan

Jinjer – King of Everything

Jinjer have something unusual, in a world of one-dimensional metalcore acts they have a vocalist with an incredible vocal range backed by some talented musicians and the ability to create some interesting and complex music. – By Jody Dunstan

Live Review: Cleft, Alpha Male Tea Party and Body Hound

Jody Dunstan saw Cleft play one of their last ever gigs in Manchester last month, with support coming from Alpha Male Tea Party and Body hound. “Although a genre that will never make the mainstream it is good to see so many people crammed into a small space enjoying the evening. “

Black Foxxes – I’m Not Well

Black Foxxes are a refreshing alternative to the anodyne, ‘alternative’ music all too common at the moment. – By Jody Dunstan

Mothertongue – Unsongs

‘Unsongs’ is a whirlwind journey through various styles, tempos and feeling. I get this won’t really hit the mainstream, but it’s a shame because it really is bloody good. – By Jody Dunstan

Solomon Grey – Solomon Grey

Solomon Grey are a pleasure to listen to, hard to categorize them as any one particular genre. SG’s output includes movie soundtracks and the cinematic and classical touches come across on this album. Wilson and Kingston are a talented pair creating varied and complex music whilst still remaining memorable. By Jody Dunstan

Live Review: Solomon Grey, Easy Kill and Keeva – Ziferblat, Manchester

“The atmosphere felt more like a house party than a gig – relaxed and intimate,” by Jody Dunstan

White Noise Radio – Debut EP

White Noise Radio are an exciting and dynamic band producing complex and interesting music. By Jody Dunstan

Below A Silent Sky – Corrosion

There are some great tracks on this record, but it doesn’t seem to work well as a whole. Some of the tracks feel rushed and the mood changes too fast. This may be a symptom of a band brimming with ideas, which may bode well for the future as they develop and mature. – By Jody Dunstan

Live: Mutoid Man, Palm Reader, Trojan Horse. Deaf Institute, Manchester 21st October 2015

Mutoid Man gave a masterclass in how a three piece metal band should be; fast, loud, technically excellent and loving it. Awesome. By Jody Dunstan

Live Review: Between the Buried and Me – Gorilla, Manchester. September 18th, 2015.

Jody Dunstan saw North Carolina’s progressive metal band Between the Buried and Me in Manchester. “It’s just a shame that things didn’t seem to hang quite right.”

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