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Good day. I’m Dave. I live north of Toronto in lovely Ontario, Canada. I’m a geek with many interests. One of which is music. I’ve enjoyed music as far back as I can remember. Most of the friends I grew up with were musicians and in bands, some of them still are. Music is always around.

In university my enjoyment of writing and music merged when I joined the school’s newspaper. It was an amazing experience culminating in becoming the paper’s Arts & Entertainment Editor. That was many years ago but that interest has never faded. So when I saw a tweet from Dan asking for writers I jumped all over it.

Musically I listen to a variety of genres including rock, post-rock, metal, ska, industrial, EBM, classical and some electronic. I’ve lost count of how many gigs I’ve been too. Recently I got a set of e-drums which I’m learning to play. When I’m not drumming, I’m gaming or doing something technology related. Other interests include : sports (especially hockey), hiking, web development and baked goods.

Articles by Dave Guzda

Cavernlight – As We Cup Our Hands and Drink From the Stream of Our Ache

An emphatically grievous and unapologetically merciless creation. The album is unquestionably dark, but it’s not without significant powerful melodies that are both enthralling and memorable.

Barrows – Obsidion

The album merges long intoxicating, detailed grooves with an absorbing abundance of sci-fi atmospheres that create theatrical visions of a man’s otherworldly experience. Showcases phenomenal sonic creativity that ranges from an ethereal warmth to gripping harshness. Highly recommended instrumental space rock!

Into Orbit – Unearthing

Unearthing’s unique cogent songs capture, mesmerise and invigorate the sonic soul. The album is rooted in metal but includes many diverse and aurally alluring sounds. A highly recommended listen for fans of challenging instrumental metal music.

Hymn – Perish

‘Perish’ is a sonic gut punch. Heavy tonalities and biting vocals propelled by incessant drums all dripping within a dark atmospheric ichor.

Asphyx – Incoming Death

A multi-paced, infernal journey through hellish war imagery and shell-shocked atmospherics. Thick slabs of commanding doom and death metal paint a blackened but melodic palette. It’s a ferocious and factious release that is equally sonically satisfying and permeates deeply like good metal should. – By Dave ‘Shell-Shocked’ Guzda

SubRosa – For This We Fought The Battle Of Ages

It is a majestic triumph of melody and contrasting tonalities. The album showcases a more refined and focused example of SubRosa’s enchanting blend of aural darkness and light. – By Dave Guzda

Muscle & Marrow – Love

The layers of emotion, fragility and aggression will make you appreciate what an exceptional, unique and deeply gratifying release this is. ‘Love’ is an alluring album, seducing you with both delicate and stinging sound. – By Dave Allan Guzda

10 Waves of You - Sail

10 Waves of You – Sail

Incredible melodies, deep lavish atmospherics and magical layers of sound that blend to hit the senses just right. By Dave Guzda

Winkie - Come to My Party

Winkie – Come to My Party

An unrelenting and unforgiving assault of apocalyptic, ugly, neurotic, *glorious* noise rock aggression . By Dave Guzda

Ovum - Nostalgia

Ovum – Nostalgia

A welcome journey with adventurous melody, rich creativity and varied sonic palette. Nostalgia is the most balanced, most immersive and most rewarding release from Ovum yet. If you enjoy instrumental post-rock/post-metal or metal, then please give this a listen. By Dave Guzda

Voivod - Post Society

Voivod – Post Society

Voivod remains in top form. That incredibly innovative, pounding and progressive, monstrous metal form that has enthralled fans for decades. – By Dave Allan Guzda


Australasia – Notturno

Dreamy and melodic, ‘Notturno’ is another solid release by Australasia which focuses on a post-rock/electronica blend of captivating sonic atmospheres inspired by the enigmatic aura of the Night. By Dave Guzda

Chrome Over Brass

Chrome Over Brass – Chrome Over Brass

Chrome Over Brass is an all consuming blast of energetic, focused instrumental music. The songs are succinct and satisfying. – By David Allan Guzda

The Black Heart Rebellion – People, when you see the smoke, do not think it is the fields they’re burning

The quality of ‘People, when you see the smoke, do not think it is the fields they’re burning’ reveals itself after multiple listens. It may seem complex and overwhelming at first, but it’s an album that is well worth investing your time into. The stunning atmospheres are unparalleled at conjuring vivid and bleak places in your mind. The album is profoundly moving and unquestionably stands out as a singular creation. It is simultaneously chilling, brash, mesmerising and majestic. – By Dave Allan Guzda

Sardonis – III

Massive and thoroughly consuming – ‘III’ is a captivating release with melodic heavy riffs, thunderous and evocative drums and colossal musical odysseys. The musicianship by Jelle and Roel is solid. The songs achieve the sought after balance of loud and soft. It spawns a haunting and unsettling concussive energy. It is doom. It is metal. Behold the power of the riff! – By Dave Allan Guzda

10 Waves of You – Fields of Venus

A compelling balance of vibrant atmospheres and harmonic post-rock. By Dave Guzda

Tempel - The Moon Lit Our Path

Tempel – The Moon Lit Our Path

This album is intricate, emotional, uplifting, horrific, crushing, cathartic and just erupts with riff after riff of colourful and evocative metal. ‘The Moon Lit Our Path’ is something special. – By Dave Allan Guzda

Insect Ark - Portal/Well

Insect Ark – Portal/Well

A gloomy instrumental ride through a black forest of stunning, dark and doomy atmospheric magic. – Dave Allan Guzda

Chastity Belt – Time to Go Home

Bewitching fun. it is eminently listenable, with some fantastic instrumental sections and charming vocal melodies. By Dave Allan Guzda

Sannhet – Revisionist

‘Revisionist’ is a gritty, gripping and wholly immersive album that is enjoyable in its entirety. – By Dave Allan Guzda

Vermilion – Sentience

‘Sentience’ is a forceful, highly charismatic exploration of jazz spirited, progressive instrumental metal delivered with clever arrangement and engaging atmospherics. Vermilion’s album is inspiring stuff: elaborate, harmonic, often captivating… remarkable for a début full length release. – By Dave Allan Guzda

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