Phil Makepeace


Hello! I have a Mogwai tattoo but largely cover folky singer-songwriters for Echoes and Dust.

Articles by Phil Makepeace

Orellana – 52

52 serves as an imagined soundtrack to a film about a lonely whale trekking round the recesses of the ocean. A truly lovely record.

Get Better – A Film About Frank Turner

Get Better predominantly tells a story of a man who puts colossal pressure on himself to achieve all of his dreams.

Rob Lynch – Baby I’m A Run Away

Baby, I’m A Runaway proves that Rob Lynch is capable of having more than just a good time. It’s anthemic. And fuck knows we need something uplifting right now. By Phil Makepeace

She Makes War – Direction Of Travel

Thank goodness for She Makes War. There’s nobody else quite like Laura Kidd in the UK music scene at the moment. In a world where everything has to be now-now-now and free-free-free it hardly caters for one person who just wants to get a fair crack at accruing an appropriate reward for creating stories and telling them to an audience. By Phil Makepeace

She Makes War – Disarm:15

Disarm:15 is a veritable buffet; a mixed grill in shape and character that leaves you happily sated yet heartily looking forward to the next instalment. By Phil Makepeace

Sacred Paws – Six Songs

It’s frankly hard to believe there are only two members of Sacred Paws, such is the energy and depth of the music. This is a terrific debut. By Phil Makepeace

Interview: Laura Kidd / She Makes War

As Laura Kidd, aka She Makes War, embarked on her latest tour of the UK, Phil Makepeace caught up with her to get the lowdown on her new album, amongst other things.

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