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Now well into his fourth decade, and still longing for a reverb-drenched return to the halcyon days of the early nineties, when indie bands with very good pop songs replaced their guitars with buzzsaws and it all became far more alluring.

In the meantime, joined the wonderful, talented, thoroughly unpaid Echoes And Dust writing team in October 2014, to inflict questionable prose on unsuspecting post rock bands, as well as verbally dissecting the varying works of artists in the field of post punk, indie rock and what might pass for shoegaze these days.

Favourite current bands : Mogwai, Caspian, Jakob, God is an Astronaut, We Lost The Sea, Nothing, Slowdive, Alcest, Ride, Amusement Parks On Fire

Band of all time : Fields of the Nephilim



Articles by Rich Buley

Caspian – On Circles

Caspian has done it again. Only the band themselves can tell you whether it was worth all the pain and torment. But I can tell you undeniably that it was well worth the wait.

Oh Hiroshima – Oscillation

Oh Hiroshima has once again demonstrated fantastic ability to meld captivating, heart-rending melody with epic, fulminating fervency, and created a record that will undoubtedly be absolutely sensational live.

The Round Up – Post Rock & Post Metal 2019 – Part V

A delayed appearance for part V of The Round Up, for a huge number of reasons, chief among them being straightforward editorial incompetence. In addition to this, we’ve had some technical issues, there’s been some work and some children to look after, …

The Round Up – Post Rock & Post Metal 2019 – Part IV

Swiftly following yet another amazing Dunk! Festival in Belgium, which is hopefully to be written about on these here pages soon (so I’ll say no more for now) we then had the line-up announcement for the second instalment of what can probably already b …

The Round Up- Post Rock & Post Metal 2019 Part III

As we have discussed already this year, 2019 is turning out to be nothing short of remarkable regarding the huge quantity of noteworthy post rock and post metal records so far. As I only made it to the beginning of February releases flying solo on the …

Lost in Kiev- Persona

The re-positioning of their sound gives individual tracks the space to breathe, and the often short-lived, but beautiful guitar melodies that are a key quality to their work are even further to the fore as a result.

Rich’s Round Up – Post Rock & Post Metal 2019 – Part II

With the line-up now complete, the countdown is now most assuredly on for the 15th iteration of Dunk! Festival, occurring between Thursday 30th May- Saturday 1st June, in the splendid rolling fields of East Flanders, in Belgium. I’m glad it’s a bit lat …

Rich’s Round Up – Post Rock & Post Metal 2019- Part I

Who made it bloody April already?! It was an amazing start to the year what with super-heavyweights MONO and the dark, smoldering majesty of Swedish outfit A Swarm Of The Sun also putting out new records in the month and given the full review treatment elsewhere on this here fine website. Anyway, here’s 6 records that saw the light of day in January.

The Twilight Sad- It Won/t Be Like This All The Time

Where they are right now is hugely appealing to a lot of people, and The Twilight Sad’s new-found success is richly deserved.

Rich’s Roundup: Post Rock & Post Metal 2018 – Part 1

Rich Buley rounds up a half dozen of the best post rock & post metal releases from the last few months.

Lights & Motion – Dear Avalanche

Whether there is enough differentiation in his work, and originality in his post rock production, to warrant both the continuing demarcation, and the pursuit of a possibly unworthy distraction.

Palehorse/Palerider – Burial Songs

One of the most stunning and original albums I have heard for quite some time, and if I hear something better this year I will be surprised and delighted.

Kairon; IRSE! – Ruination

They push the boundaries to such an extent that they are a band that one must invest time in, and for that reason they are likely to remain an underground concern, but a thoroughly loved and highly valued one at that.

Resounding Echoes February 2017: Punk & Hardcore

In this month’s roundup the team focus on hardcore & punk releases that nearly slipped through our net in the last few months.

Minor Victories – Orchestral Variations

After the slow-reveal majesty of Minor Victories’ debut album last year, for this wonderfully re-constructed variation to have arrived less than 8 months later is a remarkable achievement.

I Like Trains – A Divorce Before Marriage (Film & Soundtrack)

Whatever the future does hold for I Like Trains, they can be immensely proud of all that they have achieved as a band.

Tears Run Rings – In Surges

Where a lot of bands might smother song and vocals in an effects-laden racket in order to disguise the fact that there isn’t much of either, Tears Run Rings simply use their pedals to enhance a collection of well-written songs, which are sung beautifully.

Resounding Echoes 2016 – Psych & Stoner Rock

This month the Roundup Team catch up on a swathe of the best psych and stoner rock from the last few months.

Alcest – Kodama

Without losing any of the cascading, incandescent refinement of their very distinctive wall of sound, ‘Kodama’ sees Alcest make a ferocious and triumphant arrival back into the arms of black metal.

My Invisible Friend – My Invisible Friend

The band set the controls for the heart of the psych, wigging out entirely with repetitive, teutonic chords, colossal amounts of fuzz and a nagging, inspired riff that would undoubtedly lay waste to alternative dancefloors right across the globe. By Rich Buley.

Resounding Echoes 2016 – Post Rock & Post Metal

Welcome to a new feature which will seek to broaden our coverage of certain genres through pithy, ‘catch-up’ reviews of recent records we may have only just discovered, or not managed to get to around the release date.

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