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ArcTangent 2014 Preview – Monsters Build Mean Robots

Ahead of their appearance at the festival, we spoke to a number of the bands playing for the first time about what they’re looking forward to. Today Magda talks to Monsters Build Mean Robots.

ArcTangent 2014 Preview – Rumour Cubes

Ahead of their appearance at the festival, we spoke to a number of the bands playing for the first time about what they’re looking forward to. Today Magda talks to Rumour Cubes.

ArcTangent 2014 Preview – Codes In The Clouds

Ahead of playing this year’s ArcTangent Festival, Magda Wrzeszcz spoke to Codes In The Clouds about what they’re looking forward to.

(((O))) Festival Preview: ArcTanGent

Such was the success of last year’s event that I’ve spoken to numerous people since who have told me it’s a festival their friends have been going to “for years”. Already firmly ensconced in the annals of post/math-rock history, ArcTanGent 2014 has a line-up that will knock your socks off.

Interview: Sophie Green and Adam Weikert from Her Name Is Calla

“Taking a very lonely feeling and making it into a communal project. That’s what makes me want to write music. That and riffs, just gotta get those riffs out!” – Adam Weikert

Echoes of the Future 71: Theo

“Theo isn’t a real person I’m afraid” – Benjamin Bland questions one-man loop act Theo (aka. Sam Knight)…

Echoes of the Future 67: Cleft

“We moved to Manchester at exactly the same time, and ended up finding each other on the internet, but without the romance (well, maybe a little) and awkward dating” – Cleft share their big sloppy love of noise with Benjamin Bland…

Echoes of the Future 65: ANTA

Bristol riff monsters Anta are the latest band to feature in our Echoes of the Future column. Hot on the heels of having his ears blasted off by their superb new record, ‘Centurionaut’, Benjamin Bland asked them the usual questions…

Fuck Buttons – Slow Focus

If you don’t get round to hearing Slow Focus, it’s a travesty, for this is one of the finest albums that will be released this year. By Geoff Topley

ANTA – Centurionaut

There is no excessive noodling, no protracted convoluted ‘lets-be-clever-for-the-sake-of-it’ moments. Instead we have tight, economical, held in check clever compositions that showcase some real virtuosity and talent. I love this record and hope you give it the chance to get under your skin. By John Deasey

Echoes of the Future 55: Fat Goth

“What would have to happen for us to feel like we’d made it? I dunno, becoming completely irresistible to the global female population would be a start…” – by Benjamin Bland

Live: Dragged Into Sunlight, Bossk, Sunsmasher – Audio, Glasgow. May 27th 2013.

Phil Johnston went to see Dragged Into Sunlight, Bossk and local band Sunsmasher at Audio in Glasgow. There was smoke, lots of smoke. Read about his slightly unusual gig experience.

Interview: Tom Begley from Bossk

Bossk were one of the UK’s leading lights in post-metal and the heavy scene at large. After releasing two excellent EPs and extensive touring they unfortunately broke up in 2008. However, the band announced their return to action last year and are ready to pick up where they left off, and maybe more. Phil Johnston recently caught up with bassist Tom Begley, to find out what Bossk have planned this time around.

Hidden Currents – ArcTanGent Festival

Festival co-founder Simon Maltas takes us behind the scenes of what is sure to be one of THE events of the summer, ArcTanGent Festival… – by Hannah Morgan

Public Service Broadcasting – Inform – Educate – Entertain

Public Service Broadcasting are everything I love about music, and I’m not ashamed to admit it. They love their art form, and are willing to sweat over it to make it perfect, and that’s alright by me. By Darren Saunders

Pohl – Pohlsmoker

Bristol’s two piece noise-rockers Pohl release their EP Pohlsmoker. Fans of Big Business, Death From Above 1979, and Black Cobra will most likely dig this release. – By JH Statts.

Interview: Sel from Amplifier

Amplifier recently unleashed a new album on the world, Echo Street, to universal acclaim. Chris McGarel spoke to Sel from the band to find out more.

The Physics House Band – Horizons/Rapture

There are not many notes wasted on this album. It is tight as hell, technically clever, melodic and rhythmic – definitely one to watch. By John Deasey

Falling Stacks – EP2

Meet Falling Stacks, a 3 piece Dogcore/Noise-rock group from Bristol. But wait, what in the name of all that is music is dogcore anyway? By Karla Harris

Amplifier – Echo Street

This is easily the most diverse album Amplifier have released so far. Seemingly by echo location they have probed into their history and uncovered several new and intriguing directions as a result.

And So I Watch You From Afar – All Hail Bright Futures

And So I Watch You From Afar are back with their new album All Hail Bright Futures. Enough said really.

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