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BL’AST! – Blood

Blood. It is a classic, through and through. A new classic. – By JH Statts

Centuries – Taedium Vitae

If you are looking for a solid hardcore record (being very genre-specific), look no further. If you are looking for a solid record, period, Centuries has what you need. – By JH Statts

Integrity – Suicide Black Snake

Suicide Black Snake is the band’s ninth studio album, and it is classic Integrity. – By JH Statts

Power Trip – Manifest Decimation

… what I know about Texas… down here, you’re on your own. – By JH Statts

Hessian – Manégarmr

It doesn’t get much better than Hessian. This monstrous, blackened-hardcore/grind spewing beast of a wolf is on the prowl. The moon better watch its back. – By JH Statts

Magister Templi – Lucifer Leviathan Logos

All in all, Lucfer Leviathan Logos is a successful record. Musically, it is spot-on. Vocally, it could use a little work. – By JH Statts

Uncle Acid and the Deadbeats – Mind Control

This has got to be the catchiest doom out there at the moment. It is completely infectious. – By JH Statts

Cold Blue Mountain – Cold Blue Mountain

If you’re looking to be pummeled, dragged, and trapped under tons of debris, Cold Blue Mountain has the ticket to your funeral. Maybe you’ll survive. Maybe. If so, you’ll be better for it. Believe me. – By JH Statts

Pohl – Pohlsmoker

Bristol’s two piece noise-rockers Pohl release their EP Pohlsmoker. Fans of Big Business, Death From Above 1979, and Black Cobra will most likely dig this release. – By JH Statts.

Earthling – Dark Path

Earthling is a rad band and Dark Path sounds like an honest record. No gimmicks, just a good chunk of metal from a very talented band. – By JH Statts.

Deuil – Acceptance / Rebuild

Acceptance/Rebuild is a two track study in experimental Black Metal, with elements of sludge, drone, doom, and even shoegaze thrown in for good measure. The results are quite creepy, and just as successful. – By JH Statts.

Lightning Swords Of Death – Baphometic Chaosium

Lightning Swords Of Death’s new record Baphometic Chaosium rocks in a way that is different from most Black Metal. Maybe it’s the L.A. connection, or maybe it’s just a coincidence. Either way, it is quite good. Maybe it is pretty great; not just quite good. One of the best the genre has to offer? I guess time will tell. – By JH Statts.

Patria – Nihil Est Monastica

South American Black Metal Mist Patria is back with thirteen gloriously dark tracks on Nihil Est Monastica, a great record that should appear on many top ten lists for 2013. – By JH Statts

Aosoth – IV: Arrow In Heart

In an age when a lot of black and/or death metal bands care more for flashy technical musicianship over quality writing, it is quite refreshing to hear songs that have a bit of (black) soul; organic, layered, and ambient, as well as being crushingly brutal.

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