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Born in a suburban district of South East London bordering Kent, I was lucky enough to spend a significant amount of my teenage years at the heart of a thriving local music scene that largely put on post hardcore/ metal/ thrash gigs and DJ sets. As once popular music venues became the victim of gentrification (getting the Tesco Express or restaurant treatment) and indie/alternative promoters got pushed out of the area in favour of more mainstream and superficial club nights  - it is with a heavy heart that another  local music scene and sense of community fell victim to disbandment.This is where  the importance of  Echoes and Dust comes into play. Not only is it a platform for its readers and reviewers to discover new music or be one of the first publications to tell you about new records from old favourites – it connects music fans globally and provides that much needed sense of community and common interest that has been (or is due to be) eradicated from certain areas. It is for this reason and many more that I am happy to call it home!

Articles by Karla Harris

Killers Walk Among Us – Killers Walk Among Us

It is a record that is fuelled by raw honesty, genuine pain, and incomprehensible talent. By Karla Harris

Flyte – Live EP

With strong roots in classic popular song writing, the added essence of new wave styling, contagious melodies and mature, intriguing lyricism means Flyte are well deserving of all the hype that will no doubt be coming their way. By Karla Harris

Flibert – Chronographic

Chronographic’s strength is in its refreshing, uncomplicated, lyricism that speaks out to whoever it may concern with the underrated simplicity of uncoloured honesty. By Karla Harris

Scent of Death – Of Martyr’s Agony and Hate

If this is what hell on earth sounds like…I kinda like it. – By Karla Harris

Casimir – Not Mathematics EP

Not Mathematics is the debut EP from Bristol four-piece Casimir, who on their Facebook page uniquely describe their sound as, “music for giants”. Whether this is an effort at avoiding the sometimes painstaking cliché of having to pigeon-hole themselves into a genre I don’t know – but I do feel this 5-track EP does cater for man and giant alike. By Karla Harris

Falling Stacks – EP2

Meet Falling Stacks, a 3 piece Dogcore/Noise-rock group from Bristol. But wait, what in the name of all that is music is dogcore anyway? By Karla Harris

Senses Fail – Renacer

Post-Hardcore band Senses Fail have completely renovated sonically, thematically and lyrically on their new album Renacer. It’s always a pleasure to see a band who are true to themselves and their creativity, even at the expense of knowing fully well people might not like it. An impressive effort. Respect! – By Karla Harris.

Coheed and Cambria – The Afterman: Descension

Being familiar with Coheed and Cambria’s back catalogue, I would happily say that their sound and style, although fundamentally relatable at times, has matured in a way that shouldn’t be too off putting for old fans, and may be of interest to new ones.

Alan Bonner – Balladeer

Possibly born in the wrong era, everything about Alan Bonner is vintage personified and Balladeer is a special, refreshing, album filled with ingenuity that’s simplicity connects on very unexpected levels.

Golden State – Subdivision EP

With the crunch of classic US rock and a Queens Of The Stone Age vibrancy Subdivision is strong enough that Golden State should build a very solid and deserving UK fan base.

Crooked Fingers – Breaks in the Armor

Having taken some time out after the 2008 self- release of “Forfeit/Fortune”, Archers of Loaf frontman Eric Bachmann has made an unexpected return with a sixth album, Breaks in the Armor’ under the alias of Crooked Fingers via Merge records. Should you …

The Cellophane Flowers – Staring At The World

Based in London, The Cellophane Flowers quite frankly are a curiously enchanting quintet. A few years ago (Spring 2010) I was standing in a North London Pub (The Gaff – Holloway Road), before the very well received release of their EP’ If I Was A Girl’ …

Electric Electric – Discipline

If like me, you are a little bit rusty on your French electro pop, I urge you to ease yourself in by getting familiar with the sounds of Electric Electric. Having recently released their second studio album ‘Discipline’ via Herzfeld records, Eric Bentz …

Nine Black Alps – Sirens

Formed in 2003, Mancunian Post-Grunge/Indie Rock quartet Nine Black Alps are back with a new album, new bassist, and newly signed to Brew Records. The aforementioned album is entitled ‘Sirens’ which is, without a doubt, 12 chaotic tracks of cacophony; …

The Mountain Goats – Trancendental Youth

21 years of making music, fighting inner demons and addiction and now fatherhood has made John Darnielle of The Mountain Goats a very busy man and he has come a long way since starting off strumming and hollering his poetry into his boombox. The past 1 …

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