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Articles by Hannah

Backyard Cinema: Zombie Apocalypse

The zombie apocalypse has finally become a reality. Screw The Winchester; to be in with a real chance of survival make your way to Backyard Cinema’s East London safehouse. We’ve put together a handy survival guide to help you on your way.

In Photos: Mongol Horde

Mongol HordeThe Garage, London, 25th June 2014 Photos by Hannah Morgan (((O))) ON THE WEB Facebook Twitter Instagram (((O))) SUPPORT THE SITE! Regular visitor? Please consider a small subscription to help us keep the site running. As little as £1 a mon …

(((O))) Festival Preview: ArcTanGent

Such was the success of last year’s event that I’ve spoken to numerous people since who have told me it’s a festival their friends have been going to “for years”. Already firmly ensconced in the annals of post/math-rock history, ArcTanGent 2014 has a line-up that will knock your socks off.

Handmade Festival: Review

A joyous selection of art, photography, comedy and music set in bars and churches around Leicester, Handmade Festival is a must for anyone interested in good music, friendly people and a great atmosphere.

Live: Strangeforms Festival. Wharf Chambers, Leeds. 19th & 20th April 2014

This Easter weekend just gone saw a merry half dozen of the E&D writers pack their bags & head to Leeds for the very first Strangeforms festival. We decided early on that it would be impossible to do a band by band review, so here are a few thoughts.

(((O))) Festival Preview: Supersonic

There’s only 400 tickets available for the two day event, taking place at the Custard Factory in Birmingham, so consider yourself already perilously close to not getting a ticket. Best just close this page and book one, or two, or more, then come back and read this next bit in which I talk about the line-up. by Rob Batchelor.

Live: Doom All-Dayer, The Asylum Birmingham, 16th March 2014

Suffice to say, Conan sound incredible. Can you worship tone? The mammoth sound that Jon Davis creates from six strings, a T-shaped headstock and a wealth of chrome is simply out of this world. They’re so loud, so powerful, the music is so simple but devastatingly effective. By Rob Batchelor.

Interview: Kubalove

I came home from a heavy drinking session in a dark mood and just sat up and wrote until about 5am. I can’t remember what went on, but all I know is that when I listened back hungover the next day I thought “holy shit, that’s not bad”.

Interview: John Helps on curating Leicester’s Handmade Festival

“The ethos is that it’s a ‘curated’ event put together by people that really give a fuck about what they’re doing. We put pop-up stages in weird places like libraries and historic buildings; it’s got some real personality which I think comes across.” John Helps of Maybeshewill talks to us about Leicester’s Handmade Festival and what being an event curator actually entails.

Live: The Family Rain – The Garage, London – 11th February 2014

On the basis of a superb debut and memorable performance at the Garage, The Family Rain are bound to continue winning plenty of admirers. As for me, I’m off to chase swamp monsters round Hackney Marshes with Under the Volcano on my MP3 player. By Daniel Lombard

Echo Chamber 15 – All in this together?

There’s only one way to save independent music, and that’s to stop treating it like a competition. By Hannah Morgan.

Let’s just say I wasn’t always a rock star

On this bluest of blue Mondays we present the first installment of a new series exploring the relationship between music and mental health. Rumour Cubes’ Hannah Morgan talks us through why, for her, being in a band has been as beneficial as psychotherapy.

Live: Wolf People – Netil House, London. 5th December 2013

Tonight, Wolf People are playing the closing show in ATP’s series of gigs at Netil House, Hackney. They follow the likes of Shellac, Comets On Fire and The Icarus Line in a none too shabby celebration of alternative music. It was a privilege listening to the Bedfordians tonight; let’s hope they aren’t away from these Isles for too long. By Ross Pike

Esmerine Tour: in photos

The ever-wonderful Esmerine are currently touring Europe, taking photos for us! (And playing some music as well)

Live: Conan at The Black Heart, Camden: 5th October 2013

Live, Conan really are something special and prove it tonight; they seem to be able to wring excitement from this kind of music that others simply can’t and that’s no mean feat. By Ross Pike

Live: Liverpool International Festival of Psychedelia – 27/28 September 2013

There are festivals and then there are festivals like Liverpool Psych Fest. It is brilliant, frightening, beautiful, ecstatic, worrying and above all, one of the best festivals I have ever attended. Do yourselves a favour and attend next year, it’s intense but my god, it’s magical. By Martyn Coppack

ArcTanGent Festival: E&D Collaborative Review

Throughout the weekend, we passed around a notebook to our friends, fellow bloggers, musicians & total strangers with the simple instruction “write what you like!” Below you can see the results in all their illegible glory.

ArcTanGent highlights: Thursday

Fuller reviews and more photos are still to come, but in the meantime check out our Thursday highlights! Scroll over the image with your mouse and see what you can find 🙂

#EDATG – Full Coverage

We kick off our ArcTanGent coverage proper with the launch of our ATG page. There you can find articles on a lot of the bands, our special mixtape stream, our #EDATG twitter stream and Instagram gallery via which you can follow our descent in to depravity in a field throughout the week. Enjoy.

Interview: Airbridge

After reviewing Return, the first release in 30 years from East Anglian proggers Airbridge, Sam Ham wanted to know more, so we packed her off to talk to them.

Live: Astrogenge, ANTA, Pigshackle @ The Black Heart, Camden. 9th August 2013

Whilst sounding like classical musicians freaked out one day by the sound of Captain Beefheart on record, live Astrohenge are a more muscular, visceral affair. The riffs clench and release rapidly atop yet more humming keys from the sensibly attired Olly Weeks and a relentless beat, courtesy of the focused drumming of Kieran Iles, whirling around your head making for a beer slamming, high-fiving type of a gig and yes that is undoubtedly a good thing. By Ross Pike.

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