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It’s easy to think that coffee and music are the only things keeping Alex alive, but most of his energy comes from watching old TV shows way too late at night and his will to buy more vinyl, which he posts relentlessly about on Instagram (@funloved) and Twitter (@alexcrellin).

Articles by Alex Crellin

Live Review: Hymns To The Dead – Cult Of Fire, Tribulation, Dead Congregation and Inverloch – Odeon Theatre, Hobart

Alex Crellin saw Cult Of Fire, Tribulation, Dead Congregation and Inverloch in Hobart, Tasmania. “A non-metal fan’s impressions of a decidedly black metal concert…”

Violent Femmes – We Can Do Anything

Ultimately, the question of whether you will like We Can Do Anything comes down to whether you like the Violent Femmes already. It’s unlikely to ensnare a new generation of fans, and I’ll also be surprised if it wins over those who weren’t sold on the Femmes on their back catalogue. By Alex Crelin

The Ocular Audio Experiment – Laughing Dreams

It’s an LP that should have been an EP. It’s worth bearing in mind that this is the band’s first release in four years, but the fact still remains that Laughing Dreams is repetitive and pretty boring. By Alex Crelin

Live (ish): MONO – The Corner Club, Melbourne, Australia. 5th December 2015

Back before Christmas Alex Crellin, the youngest member of our team, had tickets to see MONO in Melbourne. Due to age restrictions at the venue he wasn’t allowed in to the show but the band kindly allowed him to attend their soundcheck instead, which he reviewed for us.

The Black Queen – Fever Daydream

Ultimately, ‘Fever Daydream’ delivers. It’s a superb collection of songs, and it really offers something for everyone (as long as you like 80’s style synth-pop). The Black Queen may have crafted one of the best dream-pop albums of modern times. Highly recommended. – By Alex Crellin

Evening Hymns – Quiet Energies

A good album but melancholy seeps into where it is not always wanted, and, while the album shines when it uses this, the incoherence in theme makes it feel aimless however the technicalities of the instrumentation are tight, and there are no complaints from me regarding Bonnetta’s vocals. By Alex Crelin

Understated Theory – Juxtapparition

Juxtapparition is a masterpiece in alien music. The tight instrumentation is minimal, providing exactly what it needs. It’s smart, introspective music, and it screams atmosphere. The intricacies of each piece deserve multiple listens. Despite this, I never once felt it was a chore to listen to. They don’t so much demand your attention, but rather ask politely, and I was honestly pleased to give it to them. By Alex Crellin

Waking Aida – Full Heal

Waking Aida have returned stronger than ever with their sophomore album. It’s complex, hopeful, and above all, fun. Full Heal is truly a joyful effort, and to craft something so enjoyable to listen to is a masterful achievement. In a genre dripping with melancholy, the optimistic 48 minutes you spend with Waking Aida is something very special. By Alex Crellin

Synkro – Changes

The natural feel of the music makes it easy to listen to, but it cannot be accused of being simple. The sheer sophistication that Synkro delivers in Changes is incredible, and it is definitely worth a listen. By Alex Crellin

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