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Caro Tanghe and Gilles Demolder from Oathbreaker

Last October Oathbreaker toured the US and on one of the dates when they played in Austin Dawson Clawson was able to chat with Caro Tanghe and Gilles Demolder. They talked about how their latest album ‘Rheia’ was born, their experience with producer Jack Shirley, and just how personal ‘Rheia’ is to them.

Oathbreaker – Rheia

Album of the Year. There. I said it. I wasn’t expecting to be affected emotionally when I started ‘Rheia’, but I can’t stop listening to or thinking about it. I hear this music when I wake up, I hear it all day, and I hear it when I lie down for sleep. I’m exhausted, drained, dizzy, and euphoric. – By Dawson Clawson

Interview: Shane Davis from Red River Family Fest

Dawson Clawson caught up with Shane Davis, the man behind Red River Family Records and black metal festival Red River Family Fest in Austin, Texas.

Inter Arma – Paradise Gallows

Inter Arma have written, arranged, and mixed a crushing album that conjures a myriad of images and emotions – while pushing the boundaries of conformity. It is dark. It is bleak. It is beautiful. This is exactly what I expect from a metal album. – By Dawson Clawson

LLNN – Loss

Give ‘Loss’ some time to get acquainted with. While a first impression may lose your interest, it will reward those who give it attention. LLNN have put together a terrific album and I definitely recommend it. – By Dawson Clawson

Spotlights – Tidals

With their songwriting and delivery, Spotlights offer a rather unique departure from typical doom or sludge bands. Spotlights have crafted a fine recording of interesting and contemplative music in ‘Tidals’, which causes the time to fly by while listening. – By Dawson Clawson

The Body / Full of Hell – One Day You Will Ache Like I Ache

What has been created by The Body of Hell is difficult to describe. It’s uncomfortable. It’s unpredictable. And in many subtle ways, it’s fantastic. – By Dawson Clawson

Hollow Earth – Parting Remains

Hollow Earth are creating, and attempting to deliver, a complete package that you’d more likely see from prog bands: a smart concept of dystopian Sci-Fi and metal that culminates in a singular experience not offered by many bands. I can’t wait to see what they do in their next full-length. – By Dawson Clawson

Danimal Cannon – Lunaria

If you’re familiar with the history of this genre, you’re probably expecting something ambitious. Lunaria is ambitious, just like classic shmups of the 80’s and 90’s. And like those shmups, it can be challenging, if not daunting at times. It’s an impressive feat of musical and technical prowess. This sounds crazy, but I think this is one of my favorite releases this year. By Dawson Clawson


They’ve laid a strong foundation in their self-titled release, having created a balanced style from a host of influences and tastes. It results in a coherent and pleasing listen for their first recording. I hope to see and hear more of them in the future. – By Dawson Clawson

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