Nik Prowse


Long-time muso into metal, prog, post-rock, trip hop & electronica. Always looking for my next new favourite band.

Articles by Nik Prowse

Pemë – Dark Baltic

Mesmerising and hypnotic, as good electronic music should be.

Rites of Fall – Towards the Blackest Skies

Your soundtrack for a journey into the void, Towards the Blackest Skies shows a band evolving and developing their sound.

Some Became Hollow Tubes – Keep it in the Ground

Drone rock royalty getting together for a freeform jam session. Mesmerising.

Krypts – Cadaver Circulation

A standout death/doom release that has risen from the swamp to haunt your day.

Lamb – The Secret of Letting Go

Intelligent trip hop with a thoughtful, melancholic edge. Delve into the secret.

Empty Chalice – Mother Destruction

Unsettling, freeform ambient just made for the hours of darkness.

UNKLE – The Road: Part II / Lost Highway

Selective listening will reveal some genuinely outstanding highlights on Lost Highway.

worriedaboutsatan – Revenant

Revenant takes the listener on an immersive journey, a blissed-out magic carpet ride through one’s own head space.

Misery Index – Rituals of Power

A finely crafted set of death metal bruisers without a dud track amongst them.

IIVII – Obsidian

A dark, haunting soundtrack to your day – or night – for its full 34 minutes. Leaves its mark long after it has finished.

SPC ECO – Fifteen

Fifteen is a beautifully created album, full of grace and poise, and which – given enough time – will get its hooks into you. Well worth your attention.

Euclidean – Quod Erat Faciendum

Progressive heavy music with incredible depth. Well worth your attention.

Moodie Black – M B I I I

Unsettling, uncompromising and full of dark groove, M B I I I could be the atmospheric soundtrack to your disturbed dreams.

The Monolith Deathcult – V2 – Vergelding

V2 – Vergelding is a soundtrack to the fall of civilisation. Listen with tongue firmly in cheek.

Thomas Ragsdale – Self Zero

Envelops the listener like a warm bath. Trancey electronica that lets the mind drift,

Dead Register – Captive

Well-crafted doom pop with one foot in the 80s.

Dead Can Dance – Dionysus

Beautiful. Dead Can Dance truly open the mind, with beauty and intoxicating melody in equal measure.

Eye of Nix – Black Somnia

A complex melting pot of styles, at times brutal and beautiful.

Uncle Acid & the Deadbeats – Wasteland

So it wasn’t broke, didn’t need fixing, but a steely resolve has produced an album that does what UA have always done, only that bit better.

Minsk / Zatokrev – Bigod

Stands up strong as a cohesive whole – dark, powerful, bleak. A must-hear for fans of any type of post-heaviness.

Four Seconds Ago – The Vacancy

Periphery electronica side project that doesn’t hold the interest.

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