Mark Wardale


I’m a huge music fan but I tend to lean towards Post Rock and Ambient. I do dabble in other rock sub genres too. I’m also a multi-instrumentalist releasing under the pseudonym of ‘Row Boat’ through Bottle Imp and Fluttery Records.

I live in a small village in Yorkshire and I’m married to a beautiful Swede and have a young son. We are all massive foodies as my wife is a chef and ambassador for Jamie Oliver.

I love finding new music, meeting new musicians and writing about them. I feel it a moral duty to show the world that there is more to music than just the charts.

Articles by Mark Wardale

A Film In Color – To Scale A Mountain

it’s like someone threw a bunch of instruments into a volcano and it’s threatening to explode all kinds of wonderful noise, and it does! By Mark Wardale

Bronto Skylift – Date With A Ghoul

A loud yet unproblematic combination of tracks that you can go back to over and over. – By Mark Wardale

Steve Gibbs – Adrift

It’s Phillip Glass with precision. Phillip, this is Steve. He writes music. No, he writes MUSIC! It’s glorious. By Mark Wardale.

The Echelon Effect – Pacific

This 10 track journey is any Post-Rock enthusiasts dream. By Mark Wardale

Northcape – Glasshouse

Disappointment was never going to be on the agenda. I have had the privilege to listen to some great music so far this year, and Glasshouse is up their with some of the best. By Mark Wardale

Death And The Penguin – Accidents Happen

I’m hooked on it as I can’t recollect hearing all of these shining attributes ever being put together. By Mark Wardale

twincities – variations for the celesta

I don’t believe in giving scores out of 10, but I give this 10. Simple. By Mark Wardale

Slowrun – Prologue

When an album can evoke something different and special from your feelings, you know you’re onto a winner. By Mark Wardale

La Flag – spargelzeit

Showcasing their own sonority and ultimately bringing something new to the musical spectrum. By Mark Wardale

Interview – Mark Wardale from Row Boat

Row Boat’s new album, In Between, is out through perennial E&D favourite label Fluttery Records on April 11th. On the eve of its launch, we sent Daniela Patrizi to talk to the man behind the boat, Mark Wardale.

After Osmosis – After Osmosis EP

I demand a full-length album! A great listen for any post rock fan. By Mark Wardale

Deadstar – Congratulations On Your Happiness

I’ll be keeping a close eye on Deadstar in the future as I believe it’s just the tip of the iceberg in creativity for what Nihal Anand has in store for us. By Mark Wardale

Kusanagi – They Will Come Back For You… E.P

They Will Come Back For You… is well structured, balanced and music I will have and keep in my library and will tell others about, and more importantly, music I am beginning to form a special relationship with. By Mark Wardale

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