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Materia Collective – EIDOLON

A 63 track epic dedicated to the Final Fantasy IX soundtrack. The level of dedication shown here is staggering and you’ve all earned a level up.

The Contortionist – Our Bones EP

With Our Bones, The Contortionist seek to unshackle themselves from an overarching story or musical theme, to create a quick-fire burst of creativity. This ultimately results in a breath of fresh air for the band, but not the strongest release in their already stellar discography.

Nocturnus AD – Paradox

The Florida based death metal mechanoid is back, in the form of Nocturnus AD. Armed with their debut album, ‘Paradox’, be ready for an uncompromising musical sequel, over 20 years in the making.

Mauerbrecher – The Sacred Oak

The Sacred Oak is a mystical portal to a forgotten Fantasy realm, with rich compositions and diverse instrumentation. It’s captivating atmosphere and attitude will effortlessly take you to a different world, your mind the canvas and the album the paintbrush.

Common Eider, King Eider – A Wound Of Earth (Review + Exclusive Album Premiere)

A Wound of Earth is a testament to CEKE’s unique sound, along with their ability to innovate and adapt. An invaluable skill for any band to have.

Eternal Fortress – Enchanted Woods of Sorrow

With its culmination of dungeon synth and epic black metal, ‘Enchanted Woods of Sorrow’ is an easy recommendation for long time fans of the genre and newcomers alike.

Common Eider, King Eider – A Wound of Body

A dark ambient/blackened drone record that encapsulates the atmosphere of clandestine rituals used to invoke evil and primal forces. Something that’d make even H.P Lovecraft have second thoughts.

The Secret – Lux Tenebris EP

A blackened doom whirlwind which will punish all who stand too close, a way for the band to re-grease the gears of their evil war machine and get their teeth back into the jugular of the underground metal scene.

Plini – Sunhead EP

A fantastic release that will not disappoint those with an equal love for odd rhythms and having a big grin on your face.

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