Thomas Mathie

I am a music fan who loves ambient, post-rock, neo-classical & electronic soundscapes with a deep passion.

In addition to writing ridiculously upbeat reviews with too many superlatives for EAD, I run the ambient netlabel and curate a podcast that celebrates experimental music over at

I am married to Olly & have two daughters. I live in Motherwell in Scotland … obsess about vinyl, photography and design … and blog about it over at

I also write poetry but don’t let that put you off.

Articles by Thomas Mathie

A Sudden Burst of Colour – Galvanize

I cannot speak highly enough of this album. It is definitely up there as one of the best instrumental rock albums that I’ve heard in ages. Truly first class.

Anna Morley – Treasure Pleasure

Treasure Pleasure is truly a pleasure, one that will play a big part in soundtracking the second half of 2016 and beyond, one that I will treasure in the days and weeks to come. By Thomas Mathie

David Lawrie – Dorothea’s Boat

Wildly imaginative, deeply engaging and thoroughly entertaining, ‘Dorothea’s Boat’ is a roller coast of a sonic ride that just keeps giving. – By Thomas Mathie

Nordmann – Alarm!

Whilst I wish to stay clear of genres and classifications, I will say that Nordmann has more in common with the progressive freedom of King Crimson than most jazz ensembles out there. ‘Alarm!’ certainly ticks all my boxes. – By Thomas Mathie

Steve Strong – Three Hands Tall

A wonderfully varied musical journey, one that is both inventive and engaging albeit one that isn’t always initially accessible but most definitely worth sticking with. By Thomas Mathie

BIRD – my fear and me

All in, I thoroughly enjoyed this release and would highly recommend it. Is it a key album of 2014? Most definitely. By Thomas Mathie

Summa – Roads

I would highly recommend this EP folks with a thing for upbeat walls of electronic sound. What Summa distils into 19 minutes is more than some artists can convey in an hour. By Thomas Mathie

Orbit Over Luna – Transit

All in, I loved this album. I would highly recommend it to folks with a thing for ambient soundscapes. By Thomas Mathie

Christina Vantzou – No2

The world needs more Lovecraftian music and the world needs more from Christina Vantzou. For now No2 will have to suffice. By Thomas Mathie

Pick A Piper – Pick A Piper

I would highly recommend fans of Caribou, Atoms For Peace and The Postal Service or, in fact, of the fabulous Ghostly International … Pick A Piper is definitely up there and well worth checking out. – By Thomas Mathie

Anna Morley – Water Door

I would highly recommend Water Door to anyone with a fondness for either downtempo music or a preference for varied and imaginative instrumentation. For me, this album was one of the finds of 2013. – By Thomas Mathie

Dave Gerard & the Watchmen – Wooden Castles

Wooden Castles is an album of songs that are paradoxically familiar yet brand new, songs that seep into the conscious and have you singing along without you even noticing. – By Thomas Mathie

Kevin Hufnagel – Ashland

Ashland could have easily finish after the first 6 tracks and I would have sat back, fully satisfied that I’ve had an excellent, albeit novel, listening experience. – By Thomas Mathie

Son Lux – Lanterns

With Lanterns Son Lux has woven a unique set of rich & detailed sound tapestries that make, for me, an utterly delightful album. By Thomas Mathie

Shigeto – No Better Time Than Now

I found No Better Time Than Now to be a sonic delight – wonderfully dense, buoyant with an intoxicating variety of sound and influence, and deeply grounded in hip-hop. – By Thomas Mathie

Oathless – Peripheral: Music for an Imaginary Film

The reason this album has stayed with me is because it is simply stunning & I tend to cherish something this beautiful. Recommended. By Thomas Mathie

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