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Cosmic Roundup 2015 pt2 – Andy Smith from Riot Season Records

Richard Collins has caught up with shit loads of our favourite people from across the scene and we’ll be publishing one every day until we run out… like a brutal advent calendar! Behind today’s door is Andy Smith from one of our favourite labels, Riot Season Records.

Workin’ Man Noise Unit – Play Loud

This is essentially a band who’s been around for a while and given themselves time to write a great bunch of fucking tunes and deliver them in an exciting and refreshing way. – By Richard Collins

Exclusive track première:
HAG – Kingdom-O

Interview: Early Mammal

Richard Collins thought it was time to check in with Early Mammal and ask guitarist/vocalist Rob Herian and bassist Ben Tat what’s happening.

Luminous Bodies – Luminous Bodies

This is a fun, catchy, heavy rock album with serious fucking muscle. Raw and chaotic throughout, but always manages to pull itself together to deliver riffs that’ll make even your Nan fist pump until dawn. – By Richard Collins

Exclusive track première: Luminous Bodies – Man’s Milk

We proudly present the exclusive première of ‘Man’s Milk’, the opening track of the self-titled début album by the double drumming London based rockers Luminous Bodies.

Festival Preview: Baba Yaga’s Raw Power Festival 2015

Richard Collins tells you which bands you definitely should watch at Baba Yaga’s Raw Power Festival this year.

Interview: Dave from A Horse Called War

Richard Collins caught up with Dave from A Horse Called War, the crusty, doom/sludge band that got resurrected this year after having split up back in 2010.

Festival Review: Desertfest 2015

Desertfest happened again… we came, we saw, fell over, lost our wallets, whitied, threw up, pissed in the canal and spent all our money. We think there was something else too? Oh yeah, a fine collection of some of the devastating bands on the planet. Read on as our man Richard Collins tries to remember what the fuck happened.

(((O))) Festival Preview: Bands you can’t fucking miss at Desertfest

Now in its fourth year this annual ensemble of the heaviest and trippiest riffs in existence has become a global force. People fly in from all over the planet to experience this ridiculous assault on the senses, so it’s no surprise weekend and Sunday tickets are already sold out. There’s a few for Friday and Saturday along with some for individual stages knocking about, so get in there quick: We can’t tell you how lucky we are to have a festival of this magnitude on this miserable island! – by Richard Collins

Interview: Ghold

Ghold are a spacey, grunt doom duo based in London. They just released the incredible Of Ruin on Ritual Productions and are just about to head out on a UK tour with Oozing Wound. They had a quick chat with our man Richard Collins so we could find out a bit more about them, because we fucking love them… READ IT!

Interview: Matthew Baty from Box Records

Box Records is pumping out some of the best music we’ve ever heard and it’s seemingly come from nowhere. Our man Richard Collins had a chat with the Box Records CEO Matthew Baty to find out what the hell is going on.

Ghold – Of Ruin

‘Of Ruin’ is one hell of an achievement, Ghold are heavy as anything, but the magic comes from their relentless drive to keep you guessing and do something original. – By Richard Collins

Blown Out – Jet Black Hallucinations

It’s incredible what Blown Out have achieved in such a short space of time, ‘Jet Black Hallucinations’ has launched them into another dimension and they should be fucking massive. ASTONISHING! – By Richard Collins

Raketkanon – RKTKN#2

For me ‘RKTKN#2’ is underwhelming, but I implore you to see them live because that’s where Raketkanon really fire. – By Richard Collins

Interview: Bad Guys

Bad Guys are ridiculous and their new album ‘Bad Guynaecology’, out on Riot Season in March, is ridiculous. Long-term fan boy Richard Collins had a chat with them to find out what’s happening on Planet Bad.

Khünnt – Khünnt

Enter with caution, if you commit to this experience there will be moments where you are crying out for a cuddle, moments where you pray to the skies that you black out and moments where you can’t remember if you or anything else exists… anything is possible. – By Richard Collins

Hey Colossus – In Black And Gold

Not many bands make their best album over a decade into their existence, but Hey Colossus have done just that. – By Richard Collins

Festival Preview: Sonic Mass

Richard Collins gives his thoughts on the inaugural Sonic Mass all weekender in Edinburgh, which is headlined by Hey Colossus and Space Witch. A weekend of space-rock, prog, sludge, doom and noise!

Interview: Hey Colossus

Hey Colossus need no introduction. Paul and Jon checked in with our man Richard Collins to have a chat, mainly about the new record In Black and Gold, which is due out on Rocket Recordings in February.

11Paranoias – Stealing Fire From Heaven

If you imagined Bong and Ramesses as galaxies and these galaxies smashed into each other, then that pretty much sums up 11Paranoias, which is an epic cosmic fusion of the two. – By Richard Collins

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