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Jussi Lehtisalo from Circle

Circle’s new album entitled ‘Terminal’ is out now on Southern Lord Recordings, so we asked long-life fan Richard Collins to send some questions over to bassist and singer Jussi Lehtisalo.

Cosmic Roundup 2016 Pt6: Jason Stoll of Mugstar and Sex Swing

Between Mugstar, Sex Swing, Bonnacons of Doom, God Unknown Records and probably loads of other projects that I don’t know about, Jason Stoll is the busiest scouser in rock. I thought it would be best to check in to find out what’s going on in that brain of his.

Okkultokrati – Raspberry Dawn

If you’re into anything from The Stooges to Årabrot then Raspberry Dawn is going to melt your bones. – By Richard Collins

Interview: Matt Ridout from Casual Nun

Casual Nun are about to release their first album ‘Super Fancy Skeleton’ on Hominid Sounds so Rich Collins had a quick chat with axe man Matt Ridout to find out what the fuck is happening on planet casual.

Festival Review: Raw Power Festival 2016

Richard Collins was at this year’s Raw Power Festival to review it for Echoes and Dust. He’s trying his best to remember what the actual fuck happened. Read on…

Årabrot – The Gospel

‘The Gospel’ could transform this weird Norwegian noise rock band into world beaters, they’ve pushed their sonic boundaries and sound all the better for it. Amazing! – By Richard Collins

Cosmic Roundup 2015 pt18 – Dan Salter from Echoes And Dust

Richard concludes his Cosmic Roundup of the year by talking to our very own Editor Dan Salter about the site and what the fuck happened in music in 2015.

Cosmic Roundup 2015 pt17 – Jimmy Martin from Teeth Of The Sea

It’s been another great year for long time Echoes & Dust favourites Teeth Of The Sea with Highly Deadly Black Tarantula was released to great acclaim (#10 in our writers’ Record of the Year poll) and a successful UK tour completed. Richard grabbed a few minutes to chat with their intergalactic riff shredder, Jimmy Martin.

Cosmic Roundup 2015 pt16 – Mike Vest from Bong etc

Mike has played Cosmic Carnage six time with Bong, Blown Out (x3), 11Paranoias and Drunk in Hell… he’s also constantly releasing albums that push your brain in all kinds of wonderful directions. Here’s his thoughts on things. By Richard Collins

Cosmic Roundup 2015 pt15 – Adam Reid from Cacophonous Sarcophagus

Adam is the man behind Cacophonous Sarcophagus, a night in Bristol that has gained a reputation for being one of best experimental music nights in the country. It certainly didn’t slow down during 2015 so Rich checked in to find out if there was a bit of method behind the musical madness.

Cosmic Roundup 2015 pt14 – Matt Baty from Box Records

Box Records has had a ridiculous year. Matt Baty not only releases all this incredible music but plays in stupidly good bands too who have torn apart Cosmic Carnage on many an occasion so is an all-out Cosmic hero. Rich managed to grab five minutes with the busiest man in show business.

Cosmic Roundup 2015 pt13 – Lauren Mason from Torpor

Torpor kinda sound like a speeded up, more pissed off Godflesh. We love them, how can you not love something so brutal? They’ve just played the biggest gig of their life supporting Amenra in London so Rich had a chat with bassist/vocalist Lauren to find out what the fuck is going on.

Cosmic Roundup 2015 pt12 – Golden Cabinet

Golden Cabinet put on gigs in Shipley, the line ups always make our jaw hit the fucking floor. It’s pure DIY powered love of music and we think their operation is simply wonderful. Rich had a chat with them to find out a bit more.

Cosmic Roundup 2015 pt11 – Josh Hughes from Rabbits

We’ve never quite recovered from the time when Portland based noise rockers, Rabbits destroyed the Brixton Windmill at a Cosmic Carnage night. The front man, Josh Hughes also runs a label called Eolian Empire, which pumps out some of the most innovative heavy bands we’ve ever heard. By Richard Collins

Cosmic Roundup 2015 pt10 – James T Mckay from The Cosmic Dead

The Cosmic Dead are probably our favourite Scottish, hairy, booze hounds of all time. They aren’t your average jam band, they go fucking bonkers on stage which has helped them become one of the most loved psych bands in the country. Here’s what James Mckay had to say about the world he lives in. By Richard Collins

Cosmic Roundup 2015 pt9 – Matt Ridout from Casual Nun

Casual Nun are an intense hypnotic beast on stage and we were delighted to find out they are recording an album with Wayne at Bear Bites Horse studios which we can look forward to next year. Here’s what Matt from the band thinks about 2015 and some other shit. By Richard Collins

Cosmic Roundup 2015 pt7 – Chris Moore of Jotnarr & Meadows

Chris is another one of those multi project pioneers. He’s in three bands all together – Meadows, Jotnarr and Mother Sky and if that’s not enough he puts on a majority of the great gigs in Colchester under the guise Shallow Leisure. Chris played the first two Cosmic Carnage gigs and is a total legend, here’s what he had to say about some stuff. BY Richard Collins

Cosmic Roundup 2015 pt6 – Anthony Chalmers from Baba Yaga’s Hut

Anthony is a promoting god here in London town. This year saw the second Raw Power festival which was the most ridiculous event of all time, he’s very busy planning next year’s festival but we distracted him for a few minutes to find out what the fuck is happening… here’s the result.

Cosmic Roundup 2015 pt5: Gordon Watson from Terminal Cheesecake and Luminous Bodies

Behind today’s door we have Gordon Watson. Gordon has been in around the London underground music scene for decades. Axe man for the incredible Terminal Cheesecake and front man for the ridiculous Luminous Bodies who have gained a reputation for being the most fun live band on the scene. Here’s what he makes of 2015.

Cosmic Roundup 2015 pt4: Tanya Byrne from Bismuth and Nadir

Behind door number four of our fucked up advent calendar is Tanya Byrne from Bismuth and Nadir. Bismuth released a jaw dropping album entitled ‘Unavailing’ this year, here’s what she thinks about what’s going on around her.

Cosmic Roundup pt3 – Wayne Adams From Bear Bites Horse Studios

In this edition, Rich chats to Wayne Adams, the man behind Bear Bites Horse Studios and can also be found rocking out in Shitwife, Death Pedals and Ladyscraper. Basically, he’s a DIY legend… here’s what he had to say!

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