Adriana Ciccone

I started playing keyboards in my teens, cutting my teeth on Italian folk songs, The Beatles and Elvis. I then discovered the world of experimental/instrumental music and haven’t looked back. In January of 2017, I started writing for Echoes and Dust.

Articles by Adriana Ciccone

Kristel Jax

Kristel Jax is a Toronto-based artist and musician. She co-authors a quarterly publication titled HUM and on September 4th of last year, she released an album titled Pink under the project name Brigitte Bardon’t. She recorded it using a pink Barbi …

Interview: Riah/Postvorta

Yesterday, Italian post-rock/metal bands RIAH and POSTVORTA released their much-anticipated split album RIAHPSTVRT via Moment of Collapse Records, Shove Records, Fresh Outbreak Records and Trepanation Recordings. The record features one song per band p …

Eddie Van Halen – A Tribute

Eddie Van Halen: A Tribute

Jonny Warren from KUYASHII

Adriana Ciccone caught up with multi-instrumentalist Jonny Warren to talk about KUYASHII, his influences and much more.


Adriana caught up with Richard Bunze, the Montreal-based artist who recently released his first solo album titled The Lines Between via Velouria Recordz. They talked about the new album, the difference between playing solo vs in a band, his influences and much more.


Adriana Ciccone caught up with the members of Antethic to talk about how the band came to be, their writing process and of course, their new album.

Interview with Abood Ashqar of

The is a collective where its members reside in Charlotte, North Carolina, U.S., Guangzhou, China and Amman, Jordan. Adriana Ciccone caught up with founding member Abood Ashqar to talk about the collective and more.

Under the Influence with Bruecken

At the end of last year, Oldenburg-based instrumental post-rock band BRUECKEN released an incredible album titled Schall und Raum via Moment of Collapse Records. If you’ll recall, we had the pleasure of streaming the album ahead of its release last yea …

Under the Influence with The Echelon Effect

You might know David Walters from his wonderful solo project called The Echelon Effect. We’ve been following him for a while now and love his music. As a solo artist, he manages to build these incredibly vast and multi-layered soundscapes. His music so …

Interview with Laura Masotto

Adriana caught up with accomplished violinist and composer Laura Masotto to talk about how she started in music, her recent and upcoming releases, the new album and more.

Track Premiere: rhubiqs – Migratory Paths

(Photo by radskiphoto)   rhubiqs | Facebook Instagram   On May 1st, London-based solo ambient electronic and ambient artist rhubiqs, also known as Tom Squires, will be releasing his debut album titled Migratory Paths. Today we have …

Under the Influence with Sunshine Boys

(photo credit: Peter Kuehl and band members (L-R): Freda Love Smith, Dag Juhlin, Jacqueline Schimmel) When I first heard the track ‘InfinityGirl’ I thought, R.E.M.? I had to check it out and I found out it was, in fact, a band called Sunshine Boys …

Interview with Catherine G. of CIGVË

On May 1st Catherine G. is set to release her debut album via her solo project CIGVË titled What Makes Them Burn. Adriana caught up with Catherine to talk about this release, how she started in music and more.

Interview with Victoria Langford

Brooklyn-based singer-songwriter, composer, producer, and multi-instrumentalist Victoria Langford recently released her self-titled debut album. Adriana caught up with Victoria to talk about this new release and more.

Under the Influence with Pure Reason Revolution

After nearly ten years, much-loved UK progressives Pure Reason Revolution have released a new album titled Eupnea (check out Geoff Topley’s great review of the album here.) The album was just released on April 3rd. The band describes the album’s sound …

Under the Influence with Perihelion

In early December of last year, Hungarian progressives/post-metal band Perihelion released their third full-length album Agg. One of our writers, Nik Prowse, reviewed the album and you can check it out here. I love the album for its emotive quality, so …

Sunny Jain

I listen to all types of music and while music is marketed to a consumer as a genre, I consume music for it’s emotional and visceral impact. So when I compose or perform, I aim to serve the music in order to deliver just that, not a “genre”.

Double Video Premiere: Ravvel + Poltrock – Stay/Leave

(Photo by Kelly Alexandre)   Ravvel | Facebook Instagram + Poltrock | Facebook Website   This might be a first for Echoes & Dust, or at least for me. Today we have a double video premiere by artists Nina Sampermans of Ravve …

Under the Influence with Mourning Routine

(Photo credit: Olivia Sher)Worcester, Massachusetts’ Mourning Routine is the solo project of Lucas Kamal. In December of last year he released a single titled ‘Too Much’ from his forthcoming EP, Hello, From Earth. “‘Too Much’ is a poignant and powerful …

Under the Influence with Logan Nelson

Composers are geniuses. They are masters in their craft creating works of sound art that stimulate the synapses on all levels. Using an idea, a theme, an emotion, composers build layers of beautiful sound to reflect the moment at hand or those that wil …

Album Stream: Vast Robot Armies – Paper Crown Parade

Vast Robot Armies | Facebook Bandcamp   Today Toronto-based band Vast Robot Armies release their new album titled Paper Crown Parade via Dome A Records. The new album features drums by Kellii Scott of Failure, as well as guest vocals by …

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