Richard Owens

I’m Rich, a sordid Welshman with a dodgy past in music who’s given up on the music gods for redemption. My taste mostly hovers around grindcore, sludge/doom, drone and ambient – but I also have a massive love for electronica and hip-hop, as well as country. I could tell endless stories and experiences that are tragically funny too, but this isn’t the right place for that. My top three bands of all time are Pig Destroyer, Melvins and Deftones.

As well as Echoes and Dust, I also write for other music sites and have my own personal music blog, which you can visit *here*).

Milk used to be my favourite hangover cure, but now it’s orange juice, so I’m open to endorsements. Contact me.

Articles by Richard Owens

Haast’s Eagled – II: For Mankind

A refreshing sound in the gradually over-saturated doom scene in the UK and it’ll be interesting to see where the three go from here. – By Richard Owens

Boss Keloid – Herb Your Enthusiasm

No review will do it justice, it just won’t. If you love your sludge to go down untrodden paths, that’s playful with melodies and heavy riffs, and creatively bonged out: ‘Herb Your Enthusiasm’. – By Richard Owens

Interview: T from Dragged Into Sunlight

Richard Owens managed to chat with Dragged Into Sunlight vocalist T about the new album ‘N.V.’, the UK metal scene and why it might be a good idea to keep a cassette player handy for future projects.

Dragged Into Sunlight & Gnaw Their Tongues – N.V.

‘N.V.’ is a nasty experience, a soundtrack to human suffering. An(other) intense release by two of Europe’s most punishing bands. – By Richard Owens


Altogether, ‘DEATH MAGIC’ is a dark beast. A change like this might split fans depending on the releases they prefer, but this is an album to sink into, it definitely needs time to be absorbed. – By Richard Owens

The Moth – And The Rise

Overall, this is a great effort by The Moth: full of heavy riffs, grooves and down-right catchy songwriting. – By Richard Owens

Interview: Mathew Barnes from Intensive Square

Richard Owens had a chat with guitarist and saxophone player Mathew Barnes from Intensive Square about the album ‘Anything That Moves’, as well as influences from literature and film.

Intensive Square – Anything That Moves

This is the most relevant release in its genre for a long, long time; and probably a long time coming. If you want tech metal that isn’t fucking ‘djent’ and brutalises a thousand times more, this is for you. – By Richard Owens

Wilderness Hymnal – Transmutation EP

Transmutation is a refreshing borderless and experimental vein in music that hasn’t been punctured yet. Leeming is onto something here and this taster only brings a lot of promise for future releases. – By Richard Owens

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