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Started out musically educated by the following: John Peel, Tommy Vance Friday Night Rock Show, Alice’s Restaurant, Pirate Rock Radio, friends and older brothers record collections, and the music papers/mags of the time, Sounds, NME, Melody Maker, Kerrang, Metal Forces. Going out into the wider world and spending too much time in numerous record shops including, Shades, Downtown (especially the second hand section upstairs), and what seemed like the endless amount of stores in Camden and Central London. Then there are the countless gigs, and festivals. Even excursions into own musical attempts as a guitarist with The Kirsty Injection, Way Hey Hey, and laughably as a drummer in Trad Arr, albeit very briefly. Favourite genres and sub-genres: Rock, Metal, Doom, Stoner, Thrash, Psychedelic, Americana, Blues, Indie, Punk, Soul, Singer-songwriter, and a whole lot more besides, in-between, and further afield. And, after scribbling duties for the now defunct This is not a Scene, I have the privilege and pleasure to continue this musical adventure writing for Echoes and Dust.   

Articles by Andy Little

The Hold Steady – Open Door Policy

Open Door Policy has the spirit of The Hold Steady’s noughties glory days while there is a renewed freshness in the song-writing, and a newfound creativity by widening their sound with a horn section.

Anna B Savage – A Common Turn

A Common Turn showcases a very intriguing and talented artist who has made an incredibly bold, honest, beautiful, absorbing, and powerful debut.

Walking Papers – The Light Below

Seattle’s rockers shift the sands for a deeper, moodier, artful, matured in an oak barrel kind of bluesy rock on third album The Light Below.

Here Lies Man – Ritual Divination

The heady mix of grooves and fuzzy riffs continue on Here Lies Man’s heavily packed relentless fourth album.

Clutch – Weathermaker Vault Series Vol 1

This collection is a mix of re-recorded fan favourites and covers of songs by a few bands that inspire these Maryland rockers. In lesser hands, it could have been have been a mixed bag affair, but in the hands of Clutch it’s another quality assured stamped approved release.

Laura Veirs – My Echo

My Echo by Laura Veirs could quite possibly make you feel small, fragile, but also determined and alive.

Mountain Caller – Chronicles l: The Truthseeker

London’s heavy progressive instrumental three-piece Mountain Caller takes you on an intriguing journey on their debut via the New Heavy Sounds label.

Armored Saint – Punching the Sky

Retaining their leather ‘n’ studs metal grit and melodies, Armored Saint return with ‘Punching the Sky’, sounding better than ever.

Raging Speedhorn – Hard to Kill

The line-up adjusted Raging Speedhorn prove they’re still sludging it large with a no nonsense, straight to the point ferocious sixth album.

Kitchen Witch – Earth and Ether

Kitchen Witch demonstrate guts, sweat, and urgency for their earthy, heavy soulful stoner rock on second album Earth and Ether.

Death Valley Girls – Under The Spell of Joy

Death Valley Girls fourth album is packed full of catchy pop hooks drilled with punky grit rawness, artful sophistication, and unironic positivity.

Slade – Cum On Feel The Hitz: The Best Of Slade

Extensive historical reminder of Slade’s 45s throughout the seventies and eighties on one double compilation.

Folk Devils – Forever EP

The reformed swampy Folk/Punk Blues outfit Folk Devils first new material in 35 years.

The Blinders – Fantasies Of A Stay At Home Psychopath

The Blinders harness their keen eye on sharp melodies with tight arrangements, and an intelligent punk poet lyrical bite on their second album.

Adam Whalley – DJ/Owner of Feedback Radio

Adam Whalley talks to Echoes about his guitar based Radio station Feedback Radio; his vision, passion, and his fresh approach to promote current and new artists as well as the old.

Samantha Crain – A Small Death

Samantha Crain has made the transition from an artist full of promise to a great one. A Small Death is the sound of re-birth from the deep depths of adversity.

Embr – 1823

Heavy self-reflection, soaring glacial vocals, and slow weighty grooves form Embr’s impressive debut.

The Wolfhounds – Electric Music

These experienced wiser heads really are producing songs as good as anything from their eighties repertoire, and even some of their finest tunes period.

A A Williams – Forever Blue

The talented A A Williams debut album Forever Blue is a masterclass in achingly beautiful, swooping melancholy.

Mrs. Piss – Self-Surgery

Self-Surgery is a visceral, urgent, and compelling whirlwind of creative energetic heaviness by Chelsea Wolfe’s uncompromising punkier side project Mrs. Piss.

Geezer – Groovy

New York’s bluesy stoner rockers Geezer get the groove on fourth album Groovy.

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