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Hi, my name is Edgard, I live in México and love listening to new music…

Articles by Edgard Reyes

Then They Flew – Stable As The Earth Stops Spinning

‘Stable As The Earth Stops Spinning’ is a record that provides 37 minutes of the most fantastic and unique Instrumental Rock that everyone who enjoys this genre will find fascinating and addictive. By Edgärd Reyes

The Prestige – Amer

‘Amer’ is the second album of the French hardcore band The prestige; in this record we can hear powerful riffs, raw melodies and amazing screams that together create one of the best albums that have been recorded in France in the past years. By Edgärd Reyes

ED – Forest

Forest take us on an amusing trip through original, honest and magnificent melodies. By Edgärd Reyes

Moontauk – Moontauk EP

Moontauk’s EP is a remarkable release that places them in a privileged position amongst the best new bands in the latin american rock scene. By Edgärd Reyes.


Distress Signal is an album you can listen while reading, meditating or just relaxing in your bed, it’s the perfect soundtrack for an evening in your home. By Edgärd Reyes

And We Are Them – Align

In 4 songs, Align takes us to a complete tour through the And We are Them’s well-crafted sound. By Edgard Reyes

Arms Of Tripoli – Dream In Tongues

Arms Of Tripoli’s new album is epic. I’m sure they will get the recognition they deserve. By Edgard Reyes

Sutra – Real

Sutra’s new album is the perfect example of how an instrumental record must be done. – By Edgärd Reyes

Drop Electric – Waking Up To The Fire

Drop Electric challenged the logic and left behind the post-rock to experiment with more electronic sounds. – By Edgärd Reyes

Subzar - Pico

Subzar – Pico

Subzar invites you to travel within your dreams and hopes through their sweet and perfectly crafted acoustic music. – By Edgärd Reyes

Echoes of the Past 22: Austin TV – La última noche del mundo

“A record that must be listened to at least once in your life…” – by Edgard Reyes

Glacials – We Are Serious and We Mean It

“We Are Serious And We Mean It” is a refreshing collection of six tracks that mark the beginning of a successful career for Glacials. – By Edgärd Reyes

Días De Septiembre – Terminal

Días de septiembre reveal their inner beauty through 7 fantastic melodies that will impress your heart, mind and soul. – By Edgärd Reyes

The Polar Dream – Kiev

Kiev is full of innovative instrumental songs that represent the evolution of The Polar Dream’s music. – By Edgärd Reyes

Fira Fem – Fira Fem

Fira Fem Presents their second album, synthpop that will make you dance all day. – By Edgärd Reyes

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