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Typical millenial. Lady No-Words-Music, which includes but does not stop on ambient, abstract hip-hop and brass.Picasso’s supposed to say once: When art critics get together they talk about Form and Structure and Meaning. When artists get together they talk about where you can buy cheap turpentine.So I’m here to talk. Join in the conversation.

Articles by Inna Nemchenko

Bonobo – Migration

Shows a unique world perception.

Echoes Of The Future: Parc Hotel

New cinematic soundscape musical painters from Russia to explore

KHOMPA – The Shape of Drums to Come

The Shape of Drums to Come is a consummate and diverse release with a title that embraces the punk-meets-electronic attitude of the record, as well as the innovative side of the project itself. By Inna Nemchenko

The Bird’s Companion – Still Life EP

The EP comes beautifully composed, mildly touching and unstoppably placid. By Inna Nemchenko

Huminoita – All Is Two

The closest allusions I would raise in context of Huminoita sound is GYBE’s psychedelia, so vividly coming to mind when ‘King of the Hearts’ is on, a 9 minutes long musical river. Still instead of aggressiveness and anxious sound Huminoita captures with beautiful orchestration leaving you in a blissful state. By Inna Nemchenko

Gold Panda – Good Luck And Do Your Best

I hope it becomes a well appreciated summer album to keep a motivational mood for summer-in-the-city folks. By Inna Nemchenko

Echoes of the Future: Saint God

I have an impression these guys don’t know where they are going but subconsciously they find a right way. By Inna Nemchenko

Twin Haus – Nothing Lavish

Not too sweet, not exaggerated with riffs/drums/electronics, not putting in dumb apathy. Twin Haus have gained more synergy in playing. Nothing Lavish leaves with delighted awaiting of more serious format (album) works from the band. By Inna Nemchenko

Jonathan Kawchuk – North

Winter is treated in many different ways – mostly negative with mud, darkness and cold, but Kawchuk tends to be one who finds admiration and beauty in it with this album. To dilute the gloomy and obscure atmosphere before, during and after New Year parties, this record will be perfect. By Inna Nemchenko

North Atlantic Explorers – All The Ships At Sea

The collection of 13 tracks lasts hardy more than 45 min in total but without doubt leaves one with the desire to replay and replay it. By Inna Nemchenko

Interview: Matthew James Serra of Moñecho

Moñecho is the recording moniker of Williamsport, Pennsylvania native Matthew James Serra. Currently a one-man project, Moñecho blends elements of folk, ambient, various non-Western musics and a metallic heaviness. He has recently released his début album Past Waters/Fever Lives, so we caught up to discuss the origins and inspiration of this album, as well as Moñecho’s future plans. Echoes and Dust is also exclusively premiering the track Torrent from the upcoming album. By Inna Nemchenko

From My Parents: Inna Nemchenko

In the latest of our From My Parents series, Inna Nemchenko writes about how she has come to love being complimented on her music taste, as it grew from the influences of her parents and family.

Be My Friend in Exile – Bound By An Endless Desire To Wander Down Avenues of Apathy

Listening to it in a stable, relaxed mood you will find yourself absolutely confused as the album seems colourless. It won’t give you any emotions besides the ones you already have in the own head. But that’s maybe what we need drone music for – to start imagining without a reason. For this sort of escapism that would be a good soundtrack. By Inna Nemchenko

Mogwai – Central Belters

Rather than review the record in a traditional sense we asked our writers to each contribute a short piece on what Mogwai mean to them persoanally. This caused a considerable degree of consternation in the camp and much discussion as to how on Earth you distill two decades of music in to a couple of paragraphs. This is what they had to say.

Ruhe – Patriarchs

The whole album leaves an impression of visit to an little old town with all its peculiarities – green areas, soul-rising spaces, authentic households. That little musical journey is worthwhile for everyone. By Inna Nemchenko

mtcrss – motocross EP

After a listen it becomes very clear why mtcrss dislike being classified anyway especially as math rock. They prefer jazz, funk and chillwave in the headphones. And, like many bands nowadays, they prefer to mention psych if trying to characterise themselves. Still, none of these appear vivid in their music. Post-rock deepness, mathy technical variety and disco-rhythm make Motorcross EP especially spirited and eclectic. By Inna Nemchenco

Johnny in the Jungle – Postcard from Norilsk

Postcard from Norilsk is only 20 minutes long in total. Despite this, it absorbs you into an urban apocalyptic world by the stage of its final breakdown. After you become normal again you already know how dystopia might sound. By Inna Nemchenko

Live Review: And So I Watch You From Afar, Weary Eyes & Pobeda. 15th April 2015, Moscow

Joy is the main feeling you have from the records of ASIWYFA and it comes ten times more when you see it live, they leave it on some upper-earthy level. By Inna Nemchenco

in:tides – Yours is the Earth

They have a clear sound, captivating guitar solos and precise rhythm. Is it an intentional escape from over-instrumentation or not…? This simplicity is beautiful. By Inna Nemchenko

JUJU – Echo de Gradient

The album doesn’t even stop, it softly decreases volume, leading to infinity. By Inna Nemchenko

Del Sur – H.A.G.S.

This release is full of force, like every first-something (debut album, first demo etc.) a young band makes in its career. It’s good to listen to when you feel fed up with the psychedelic tone of Tame Impala or MGMT, not yet ready for the more urban mood of The Drums, but strongly need some sun around you. By Inna Nemchenko

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