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Caligula’s Horse – Rise Radiant

The five-piece gives off their best effort of melding the heavy and emotional into a tight and evocative package, soaring between dizzying highs and bottom-ended lows, all while maintaining that perfect syncopated mastery.

Dave Davidson from Revocation

Revocation’s Dave Davidson is known the world over as one of the premier guitarists in metal, with a distinction that few have of being an accomplished guitarist in other styles. His constant evolvement as a musician has garnered the band continued pra …

My Diligence – Sun Rose

On their second full-length album entitled Sun Rose, My Diligence show a maturity and drive that begs attention.

Bane – Esoteric Formulae

The band has an interesting hybrid sound of black and death metal, and make a great point of melding both sub-genres together quite well.

Revocation • Rivers Of Nihil • Yautja • Battlebear – Hard Luck Bar, Toronto

Toronto played host to a night of some great technical/progressive metal on a four-band bill.

Radiant Knife – Science Fiction

Satisfying my interest for great progressive metal by adding sludge and atmospheric qualities, I can’t help but succumb to those elements when performed by these talented musicians.

Insomnium • Oceans Of Slumber • Bane – The Garrison, Toronto

The crowd was into everything presented to them, and gave back their energy to the bands so that they all performed at a top-notch level.

Spock’s Beard – Noise Floor

Spock’s Beard give off a great blueprint of how growth and maturity can be a wonderful quality in a bands career.

Enslaved • Wolves In The Throne Room • Myrkur – The Decibel Magazine Tour, Toronto

The Decibel Magazine Tour featuring Enslaved returns to Toronto!

Horizon Ablaze – The Weight Of A Thousand Suns

With a weighty and powerful sound that pulls no punches, yet giving off some introspective looks into a deeper sound, the band have given their fans a masterful product.

Mabachus – Morrígan

Unconventional in the truest sense. For me, this is the best statement I can use to define the sound of Mabachus.

Enslaved – E

Through the six songs delivered by this mature and acclaimed band, we’re given the music we’ve come to expect, and as usual, some surprises along the way.

Neck Of The Woods – The Passenger

What Neck Of The Woods are putting out is a culmination of hard work, determination, and a healthy focus on their own musical footprint while not losing site of the road that got them to their finished product.

Caligula’s Horse – In Contact

2017’s version of the Australian five-piece is just as strong as ever, and are looking to show people that they’re still a major player in the prog ranks.

Vanum – Burning Arrow

This release gives off a certain haunting aura that really draws you in, and the ambiance takes a solid grip and doesn’t let go until the instruments go silent.

Bent Knee – Land Animal

The whole group work together so well to contribute their own unique parts that gel beautifully to create an original and fluid sound.

Sabbath Assembly – Rites Of Passage

With their sound firmly rooted in occult rock, the band throws in a heavy doom atmosphere with flashes of progressive brilliance to give us some unique music.

Order Of Voices – Constancy

The blueprint for Order Of Voices’ music is to take a less is more approach. To put it simply, they create short and sweet songs with a ton of emotion, warmth, and talent that use up every second of each composition with purpose.

Dan Briggs from Nova Collective

Dan Briggs took time out of his busy schedule to talk to Liam Savage about his musical influences, the creative process, and the general theme behind his new band Nova Collective’s debut album ‘The Further Side’.

Ape Shifter – Ape Shifter

The instrumental power-trio plays a stripped-down version of up-tempo prog rock with a jam band type atmosphere. The band’s self-titled debut album brings all this out of the speakers with a live ambiance.

Nova Collective – The Further Side

To put it into general terms, this is like a modern take on the classic jazz fusion and prog heavyweights of the 1970’s. It’s reminiscent without veering into copycat terrain.

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