Gareth Watkin


Self-appointed Constellation & Kranky reviewer (by sheer will-power). Purveyor of experimental ambient/post-rock music, and occasional ambient music composer under the moniker ‘The Light & Day’.

Articles by Gareth Watkin

William Basinski – On Time Out of Time

Music that lingers on far after you’ve finished listening, that truly indulges in pure unbridled existentialism.

Low – Double Negative

It’s perhaps akin to watching a monument burn down to the ground in the pitch black of night in a majesty of flames stretching upwards, the power of something being destroyed in a somehow beautiful way.

Anthroprophh – Omegaville (w/ Video Premiere)

A cosmic journey into worlds new and unknown, where nothing is predictable, where all rules are thrown out the windows into the streets of Omegaville, and where everyone of a certain disposition is sure to have a truly wonderful time.

Eric Chenaux – Slowly Paradise

it still has the capacity to amaze and astound in its wonderfully beautiful syncopated and complex simplicity.

Dedekind Cut – Tahoe

An incredibly rich tapestry of detail, one that transcends the typical formalities of ambient music in the hope of creating a much richer landscape

Heligoland – Coriallo

It is music that has the power to soothe and lull the listener in thick wavy soundscapes that wrap around you in a warming gentle glow

Jason Sharp – Stand Above The Streams

An album that throws us into the foray of a human body experience, with the processed percussion based on those human time clocks influencing our own bodies, moving our own hearts to a hurried tense pace as droning saxophone performances add layers of emotion and depth to the experience.

The Low Anthem – The Salt Doll Went to Measure the Depth of the Sea

This may be seen as a wonderful return to form, and simultaneously, an advancement of their new style.

Erik Levander – Couesnon

Electronic layers seem switch from support to sabotage of the music, the processed clarinet creates something hauntingly beautiful that is expressed in whole album.

Efrim Manuel Menuck – Pissing Stars

Pissing Stars offers us an incredible throw of emotion and feeling as we’re dragged through a world that through all the chaos, confusion, destruction and death, still displays the most beautiful of emotion in the most extraordinary of ways.

Stillwave – Sell Another Soul

Sometimes you get a band that not only nail down their influences perfectly, but even go as far to create a work of art that feels familiar to those influences, whilst having an incredible edge that greatly sets it apart and allows it to stand on its own merit.

Burden Limbs – Demo

Feels much like being thrown into an ever darkening room, where all the light slowly dissipates until there is only a voice calling out in the thick black darkness, desperate to express those unbearable clouding thoughts

Collapse Under The Empire – The Fallen Ones

The result is of course that quintessential post-rock experience, one that builds up with a fevered ferocity and urgency, whilst featuring qualities that make it seem a little more modern and up-dated.

Benoît Pioulard – Slow Spark, Soft Spoke

A less-is-more approach gives the album a very dreamy ethereal quality as we slowly get pulled into the waves of ambient drones

Gregg Kowalsky – L’Orange, L’Orange

Kowalsky’s approach to composition has resulted in an album that is incredibly inviting and lovely, and one that sticks around well after its finished, giving those who listen with rapt attention a wonderful and warm presence that elevates mood to something comfortable.

The Wolf Number – Bunker Sessions EP

EP releases of this nature are always a delight when they achieve exactly what they need to, which more often than not is serving as an introduction to the band in question.

Off World – 2

Bustling with life and activity as everything rushes and zooms past, feeling oddly organic at times yet distinctly clinical and empty at others

Godspeed You! Black Emperor – Luciferian Towers

What makes it all the more powerful is just how beautiful and emotive the tracks all are, how it all expresses an incredible range of emotion and feeling whilst still having a powerful level of impact in its sentiment.

Chad VanGaalen – Light Information

Things are dark, mysterious, scary but above all else, just simply fun and enjoyable.

The War on Drugs – A Deeper Understanding

A very emotionally charged yet completely euphoric album experience.

Liars – TFCF

A mish-mesh of styles and concepts, acoustic, non-acoustic, electronic and field recordings all interplaying within each other to create an experimental record bound by a peculiar pop sensibility.

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