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Born and bred in Edinburgh in the Sixties but if I had been born a decade earlier then I could have seen some of the best bands that Britain has produced. The 70’s were full of great rock bands that you can still discover on You Tube, thanks to people uploading their old vinyl.

When I was a small lad I used to look at my dad’s vinyl collection and wonder who they all were. It was mostly Jazz and Big Band but lurking in there was Lou Reed, Cream and a few more rock sounds.

There are bands and singers that I still listen to from the 70’s, David Bowie, Black Sabbath and the fantastic Hawkwind, I also have a soft spot for Krautrock. In fact the German music scene in the 70’s was easily as good as the music Britain was producing. It just wasn’t that easy to get hold of.

When Sander asked if I would be interested in reviewing an album for Ech(((o)))es and Dust, I jumped at the chance. I love hearing new and old bands that are not caught up in the tripe that Britain is producing via TV shows. These are musicians that play from the heart and understand just what music is. The best thing ever (well almost).

Articles by Jon Henderson

Robot Death Monkey – Full Dunham

With interests in beards, bourbon and big muffs, plus influences from Karma to Burn, Earthless and Kyuss, Robot Death Monkey have established the stoner rock/sludge vibe to great effect on their ‘Full Dunham’ EP. – By Jon Henderson

Deaf Eyes – Deaf Eyes

Described as monolithic this is not one slab of stone but one gigantic piece of rock, sculptured with the same precision as the marble Byzantine columns. – By Jon Henderson

Atomikylä – Erkale

From beginning to end, Atomikylä have produced an album that has been born from Orassi Pazuzu and Dark Buddha Rising, which in their own right are two excellent bands, but still have managed to stamp their own sound into every track. They have taken all their musical experience and produced an album that should have fans wanting more. – By Jon Henderson

Interview: Hair of the Dog

Jon Henderson talks to 70’s inspired Edinburgh rock band Hair of the Dog about their recent signing to Kozmik Artifactz, influences and various other things.

Monolith – Dystopia

Over all a very good album that will have some people reminiscing and some younger listeners hopefully looking back and thinking yeah I could get into that old school sound. – By Jon Henderson

Taurus – No/Thing

No/Thing is an insanely beautiful explosive piece of musical art that explores life and inevitable death. – By Jon Henderson

Hair Of The Dog – Hair Of The Dog

This is an album that can be fast and furious, heavy and pounding or smooth and melodic, very riff oriented and after listening to it a few times I really felt part of it. – By Jon Henderson

Bong – Stoner Rock

The Lords of Drone are back with a Bong!! – By Jon Henderson

Merrin – Doom Cinema

Merrin have captured the essence of soundtrack music and hopefully will pursue it even further. – By Jon Henderson

Wander as Ghosts – [new​/​age​/​dream​/​thrash]

[new​/​age​/​dream​/​thrash] is an album by two music loving guys that don’t want to be pigeon holed into any one genre and instead have done a mash up of lots of genres. – By Jon Henderson

YOB – Catharsis

This re-issue offers not only 50 minutes of fantastic music it is also giving you a piece of doom music history from one of the best doom bands around. – By Jon Henderson

Jikan Ga Nai – Plenty Time

“…an enjoyable EP that I would recommend to anyone that enjoys guitar and synth music” – by Jon Henderson

11Paranoias – Superunnatural

Superunnatural has turned out to be heavier than expected with some even heavier basslines and sublime psychedelic spacey guitar parts, full of experimentation and a pleasure on the ears. – By Jon Henderson

Romero – Take The Potion

These guys have produced a big sound for a three piece band. – By Jon Henderson

Dead Sea Apes & Black Tempest – The Sun Behind The Sun

If you are looking to part with some hard earned cash and you enjoy tags such as Drone, Post Rock, Experimental, Space, Instrumental and Krautrock then this collaboration is most definitely for you. By Jon Henderson

Desert Storm – Horizontal Life

Desert Storm have really nailed it with Horizontal life. – By Jon Henderson.

Early Mammal – Horror at Pleasure

Some of Early Mammal’s musical inspirations while planning and recording Horror at Pleasure were, Captain Beefheart, White Hills, High Rise & Hawkwind. That’s some list, one which I would take to a desert island. Has it lived up to those influences? Hell yeah!! – By Jon Henderson.

S.I.M.B. – Monday Superblues

If you are going to call your band Satan is my Bitch (S.I.M.B.) then you better be good and they are. The music is heavy, with a solid rock sound and if you play it loud then Monday Superblues will keep you speakers working to their max.

Loading Data – Double Disco Animal Style

Double Disco Animal Style by French heavy groove stoner band Loading Data is an album full of great guitar riffs that even Tony Iommi would be proud of and some well written songs. This album will do really well.

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