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Hello my name is Andrew from North Essex born and raised….Music has generally always been a part of my life as my parents were into 80’s rock (Bon Jovi/Guns ‘N’ Roses etc) I myself initially gravitated towards 90’s Indie (Oasis before you ask) and Trance but it was discovering Ska Punk and Nu Metal (and Slayer) in college that properly kick-started my decent into music addiction.Nowadays my tastes have migrated to the heavier spectrum of Metal, Stoner/Doom and all things Post although I still love a bit of Ska Punk from time to time.I absolutely love live music and although started attending gigs in 2001 it wasn’t until a Death Angel show in 2003 that I properly fell in love and started attending on a regular basis, the reason being that it was the first gig I had the guts to attend by myself and realised it was no big deal actually!Being only one hour away from London has since resulted in me going to a ridiculously number of gigs (smaller venue the better) as well as festivals in England and Europe resulting in me acquiring an obscenely large CD and band t-shirt collection.Did the usual in attempting and failing to be a competent musician so after years of people telling me I should do so I finally decided to take up this music reviewing enterprise.Started up beginning of 2012 creating a personal blog amongst friends for our benefit and surprisingly enjoyed it, so after discovering Echoes and Dust via an ArcTanGent festival preview and being impressed with their general ethos and direction… here I am!

Articles by Andrew Rawlinson

Nasty Little Lonely – Rack And Ruin

They have refined their sound considerably, still retaining their trademark “industrial post punk noisy stuff” identity but with a far darker and aggressive edge. By Andrew Rawlinson

Interview: Jan Hoffman from Long Distance Calling

With the release of their new album ‘Trips’ and an European tour around the corner, Andrew Rawlinson fired some questions to Long Distance Calling bassist Jan Hoffman.

Long Distance Calling – Trips

The change in direction reaps dividends as at the end of the day this is still a really great album that is packed full of great songs whilst retaining their intrinsic sound. – By Andrew Rawlinson

Festival Review: Resistanz Festival 2016

Andrew Rawlinson went to steel city Sheffield to experience an Easter weekend of industrial and goth music at Resistanz Festival. “Resistanz is dead, long live Resistanz!”

Atlantis Chronicles – Barton’s Odyssey

It’s definitely an album to persevere with as while initially treading water it opens up spectacularly after several listens. – By Andrew Rawlinson

Interview: Dan Vaughan from Ritual Festival

We obviously get send loads of press releases about gigs and festivals all the time but every now and again one crops up and makes us go “Woah, that’s some line up!” and that’s exactly what happened when we got the presser for the inaugural Ritual Festival in Leeds next month. We hastily dispatched Andrew Rawlinson with a bag of questions for promoter Dan Vaughan to find out more.

The Texas Chainsaw Dust Lovers – Me and the Devil

Urgent driving RIFF, surf guitar and splash of spaghetti western cinematic thrown in for good measure all topped off with a killer chorus. – By Andrew Rawlinson

The Glorious Rebellion – Euphoric

The Glorious Rebellion provides a thrilling mix of stoner and noise rock generating a glorious cacophony of aggressive RIFF worship. – By Andrew Rawlinson

Beseech – My Darkness, Darkness

Swedish goth rockers Beseech have re-animated to present album number six ‘My Darkness, Darkness’, which all in all a very pleasant ‘easy listening’ experience with a few neat tricks. – By Andrew Rawlinson

Oceans of Slumber – Winter

If – like myself admittedly – you have come for more of “The Doom!” you may be disappointed as there is very little of that here, but it is definitely worth sticking around as there is plenty to enjoy. – By Andrew Rawlinson

Mortiis – The Great Deceiver

While it may seem derivative and unfocused, but if treated as a ‘best of industrial’ mix tape it is a hell of a lot of fun. – By Andrew Rawlinson

Bring Back Persephone – Revival

If the goal of this EP was a taster of what’s to come then consider my interest piqued. – By Andrew Rawlinson

Hypno5e – Shores of the Abstract Line

In most hands this would sound like an unholy mess so it is to their credit that they pull it off (and at just a 4 piece). There doesn’t appear to be a cohesive element holding it all together, but the quality never drops below “very good” so it keeps you engaged. – By Andrew Rawlinson

Fleshgod Apocalypse – King

This is a true work of art in songwriting execution of a band at the top of their game and imagination. – By Andrew Rawlinson

Spektr – The Art to Disappear

Plenty to enjoy overall especially when they break out into the metallic RIFFING as they can blast with the best of them, however the over reliance of ambient interludes stalls any momentum they create over the album. – By andrew Rawlinson

Varg – Das Ende Aller Lügen

‘Das Ende Aller Lügen’ is a confident and sharp exercise in exceptional melodic death metal. – By Andrew Rawlinson

Vision Of Disorder – Razed To The Ground

Not perfect as ‘Razed To The Ground’ does lose steam after a blistering start, but certainly a welcome and refreshing return none the less. – By Andrew Rawlinson

Interview: Richard Powley from Telepathy

With a new album and live shows in the pipeline Andrew Rawlinson decided to fire some questions in post-metal band Telepathy’s direction to find out what’s up. Guitarist Richard Powley answered the questions.

Godsleep – Thousand Sons Of Sleep

Certainly a highly enjoyable exercise in stoner worship in a record that is definitely greater than the sum of its parts. – By Andrew Rawlinson

Legion Of Andromeda – Iron Scorn

Seven tracks of cyclical death/doom formula complete with the hypnotic blacksmith chimes pounding away on a never changing rhythm, while an extra dose of treacle has been poured into the production mix somehow making it sound even filthier and heavier! – By Andrew Rawlinson

Boysetsfire – Boysetsfire

Boysetfire does what Boysetsfire do best, delivering anthemic and riotous rabble rousing post hardcore, although this time with a more positive outlook on life. By Andrew Rawlinson

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